During these unprecedented times of a global pandemic, the one thing that has been affected most is the economy. People have lost jobs, shut down businesses, and employees have been asked to leave due to recession. However, not all hope is lost. There are apps designed that help you make money online without having to leave your premises. But bear in mind that these apps will not make you affluent, but instead, they will enable you to obtain some pocket change. 

The following apps help you make money online:




Duelit is an e-sports app designed to give you both pleasure and capital. It is a skill gaming platform that requires players to demonstrate their wit and competence while playing several games on the app. All games are mini sessions timed at one minute. There is an option to play on your own or to invite your friends for a one-on-one tournament. 

Duelit has been regarded as one of those apps that help you earn real money while enjoying its terms. You can start by playing in practice mode, and when you feel you’re competent enough you can then move on to challenging your friends. These do not rely on a hit-or-miss basis, but somewhat sheer understanding and skill ensure success. Players are expected to practice and gain experience to level up and obtain more cash. The user is required to put their account information at the time of sign up so that any money they win is immediately transferred. Duelit is available both on iOS and Android so you have the option of either downloading it from their website or you can find it on the App Store

Sounds promising, doesn’t it? 

2.Money App


The Money App is based on market research that benefits from completing tasks, playing games, giving opinions, participating in free trials, etc. The user puts in their account detail, such as PayPal. Whatever job they complete is accumulated as reward points, which can then be redeemed for money. Payments are made within a few working days based on the number of tasks achieved. This is a viable option for anyone who enjoys filling out surveys, taking trials, or anything related to market research.

 Care to give it a shot? 



Another market research app, iPoll, is designed to enable users to make money via surveys, retail tasks, or keeping track of a routine log. At the time of sign up, you are asked to pen down your preferences in terms of functions. The work is then assigned according to that as well as your location. The user gets an alert whenever a new task is prepared for him. It is usually tailored to what he is comfortable doing. 

Any rewards earned can be redeemed for either cash or a gift card. Quarterly, the app holds initiatives for users to win handsome cash prizes in the lottery based on their activity frequency. Unlike the apps listed above, iPoll requires you to get up and get going, so there are fewer chances of you making money being a couch potato. 



Slidejoy is an app that makes use of your lock screen to display Ads and news. The operator can either swipe left to learn further about the ad, swipe up for more such advertisements, or swipe right to go to the home screen. An additional feature to earn money is to take surveys or complete various tasks on the app. Slidejoy helps you obtain passive income whether or not you choose to interact with the ads shown. Payments are made via PayPal or Square Cash, but you will have to wait three months before they are released. 



Bookscouter calls all bookworms to its epicenter. It is an app designed to buy and sell new or old books. The user can sign up via email or any social network. The buyer with the highest potential is put at the top to make the most of his offer. You can scan the books’ barcodes using your phone camera to estimate that book’s estimation on the app. But not all books that are scanned show up on the app, and not all the buying offers remain until the end. 

Final thoughts 

With all the options available, it is wise to choose the app that suits you best, especially in quarantine, when everyone is socially isolated. The most viable choice would be to get the most pleasure out of while earning some pocket change on the way.

Which one would you opt for? Let us know in the comments below!