The eSports scene has seen tremendous growth in popularity over the past several years, and with that growth comes unique opportunities for competitive gaming entertainment. April Fools is one of those opportunities, as the holiday brings out the creativity of gamers who are looking to have a little harmless fun with their competition. Each year, April Fools jokes in the eSports arena bring us some of the most inventive pranks and jokes we’ve ever seen – to the amusement and surprise of players and viewers alike.

What is April Fools?

April Fools’ Day has become a popular day to pull pranks in the eSports world. Competitive gamers can find themselves on the receiving end of some good-natured jokes and tricks on this special day. Since it’s so easy to access other players online, many people use April Fools’ Day as an opportunity to challenge their friends and opponents with unusual strategies they weren’t expecting. It’s not uncommon for someone to pretend they are using a different character than usual or even attempt a strategy that would seem like suicide if attempted in real life. This kind of prank is often met by laughter from players who appreciate being surprised and challenged by something new or unexpected.

Another way competitive gamers have used April Fools’ Day is by pulling pranks on tournaments, such as pretending they are entering one tournament when they’re actually signing up for another one entirely. While this may seem like cheating, it can be a fun way to surprise your opponents and keep them guessing during the competition. Some tournaments get so competitive that making sure everyone is playing fairly can take away from the fun; April Fools’ pranks make the experience more lighthearted and enjoyable for everyone involved. Finally, some people enjoy setting up fake streams of eSports events with false commentators or fake games that aren’t really happening – these are all harmless ways competitors can honor April Fools’ Day while still respecting each other’s skill sets as gamers!

What is April Fools?

History of eSports Pranks

Pranks in the eSports world have been around since their inception. One of the earliest recorded pranks was done by professional “Counter-Strike” player Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel back in 2006. He took to a local radio station and claimed that he had retired from competitive gaming due to a hand injury, only to announce at the same event that it was all just an April Fools’ prank. Since then, pranks within the competitive gaming industry have become increasingly popular.

Another popular prank came about in 2013 when Riot Games released an April Fools patch for League of Legends which featured random game-breaking bugs and changes to character stats. It caused quite a stir among players who were not expecting such drastic changes and showed us how much influence April Fool’s pranks can have on the eSports community. Other popular pranks include team organizations posting fake roster updates or players tweeting announcements about their retirement before quickly revealing them as jokes.

Despite potentially causing confusion among viewers, these sorts of jokes prove that even highly competitive gamers need lighthearted moments every now and then!

History of eSports Pranks

Notable Jokes in 2022

In April of 2022, the competitive gaming scene saw its fair share of jokes. One notable joke was a video circulating on YouTube that showcased two professional StarCraft II players pretending to be part of an in-game tournament. The video showed them frantically trying to complete the game’s objective while also attempting to outmaneuver their opponents. The whole time, their avatars were dressed as clowns and when they lost, they would burst into laughter and tell viewers not to take the game too seriously. This prank was well received by fans who found it amusing that professional gamers could make light of their own profession for a day.

Another popular April Fools joke came from Twitch streamer “Kebabfans”, who created a fake tournament bracket with fake teams and made everyone believe it was real. He pretended each team represented an animal and even invented hilarious team names such as “The Whales”, “The Snakes”, and “The Gullible Turtles”. Kebabfans took this prank one step further by creating detailed matchups between these teams with commentary that closely mimicked official casts used during real eSports tournaments. Fans found this prank hysterical and praised Kebabfans for his creativity in making light of the usually serious nature of competitive gaming.

Notable Jokes in 2022

Popular Video Game Streamers’ Pranks

One of the most popular ways streamers prank their viewers is by playing tricks on competitive gamers during tournaments. For example, in one particular tournament, a streamer played a game in which he picked up power-ups that gave him an advantage over his opponents. As soon as the other players figured out what was happening, they were outraged and started to accuse him of cheating. To make matters worse, the streamer then proceeded to give his opponents false information about how to counter his abilities. This caused chaos among the players as they scrambled to figure out how best to deal with this new threat.

Another way some streamers like to prank competitive gamers is by making them think they have won a match or tournament when in reality they haven’t. This usually involves creating fake replays or using a glitch in the game that makes it look like their opponent has won even though they didn’t actually do so. Streamers also sometimes use sound effects or music tracks while streaming tournaments that can put unsuspecting participants off guard and make them feel as if something strange is taking place within the game. Pranking competitive gamers with these types of tactics can be quite entertaining for viewers who are watching at home!

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