Betting is risking a sum of your money or your valued item against someone else’s money or their prized item based on an outcome of an uncertain event. People who do not place bets often ask what is the purpose of doing it. Well, players tell that the whole idea of uncertainty in winning and then the excitement associated with it is all very thrilling. The downside to this is obviously that these bets are categorized into gambling. Gambling is a big no-no for any sane person. Not only it has a possibility to make you pay other players, but also gambling addiction is a major problem, especially in older males. This leads to other serious effects, which include job losses, relationship destructions, and also becoming bankrupt.

However, you could place bets either in real life, like Roulette tables, or you could do it all while sitting in your cozy bed. I mean digitally!

There are different types of online bets that you could place. 

Online casino:

Casino games are played by millions of people all around the world. However, an online casino is just an online version of the traditional casino that has been played in clubs for hundreds of years. It is a prolific type of online gambling. 


Sports betting:

This is quite obvious as the name states. In this, bets are made by choosing what team/people would win in a sports activity. Such as in a football match. The winning team/person wins all the money that is put into the bet. However, in this the bettor has to pay the sportsbook before they place the bet.


Horse racing:

As the title says, betting on horse races has taken place since the early 1600s. They are placed on the day; the horse races are kept. There is a very common horse racing bet known as the win and place a bet. In these, people bet their horse to win and place. If it wins, the bettor collects both the win and place money. If it finishes second, they only get to receive the place money. 



Bets on the stock market are one of the most commonly placed bets in the world. A way to make money on stocks for which the price is falling is called short selling. When dealers predict that a stock could get less, they borrow the shares and sell them with an idea of buying them at lower prices later on.




Unlike all the other gambling tricks and games as mentioned above; Duelit is a one-of-its-type and is a unique way to earn money within minutes! This is the only game that lets you cash out. All the bets mentioned above include gambling. The issue with gambling is that it is not just financially based, but the fact that too much time is spent on it. Moreover, gambling often leads to relationships and legality problems. Many reports have concluded that gambling results in mental health issues as well.

On the other hand, Duelit is a non-gambling game where winning and losing is completely in your control. 

Duelit allows you to earn money while playing games of your choice, but it is different from other forms of online cash winning bets since it is based purely on your skill and not luck. With no gambling involved, you are in control of your faith. You can practice the games, make yourself a pro at them, and then play, ensuring your victory!

Challenge your friends or play with strangers all around the world. Enter our tournaments and get the chance to win one of the grand cash prizes kept for you. 

Instead of long sessions of the game, Duelit has the mini versions of all the popular trending games that are played today. They only are for a minute to keep it fun and ongoing. 

You get to choose your favorite game with your own choice. Master the art of it and begin the tournament! 

There are other sites that more or less provide similar services as Duelit, but they charge their players. A lot of people are dubious when it comes to investing in online websites due to security reasons and thus end up not playing or winning anything. Duelit, on the other hand, is FREE! It can be downloaded for free from their site

From action, adventure, arcade to puzzles, mind-tricks, and memory games, Duelit offers all game genres. Some examples of a few games offered at Duelit are:

Trivia: These games are for all the nerdy smarty pants out there. Join the tournament and win big cash prizes by only guessing different countries’ flags.

Kick-Off: This is designed for all the soccer/football lovers. Aim, shoot and kick the ball to the court.  

Win tournaments and brag all about it. Now with thescore sharing feature, share your winnings on your social media apps.

So what are you waiting for, download Duelit now and get a chance to win grand special prizes just while sitting at home!