E-sports industry has seen a significant spike in its profits in the last six years because of its ever-growing community. According to stats, around 250 million people are active participants of tournaments and events related to E-sports and consider it as a major source of entertainment. 

One misconception that an ignorant individual might harbor regarding E-sports is that people can’t be part of it professionally.

E-sports is a systematic community where pro gamers can get brand endorsements and sponsors, etc., and amateurs can hire coaches or train online to participate in big games. Analysts and panel judges are part of some big-league events and tournaments as well.

If you are struggling to find good e-sports apps to test your skills and earn some money, then try the following apps: 


Duelit is gaining recognition for hosting mini versions of popular games and giving gamers opportunities to earn money by playing those games. All of the Duelit games are one-minute-long and are designed to entertain all kinds of gamers instead of gamblers that are just relying on their luck.

Duelit is a gaming network that promotes socializing and allows you to invite your friends and family to compete with you in tournaments. All e-sport games need to have socially apt software to entertain their audience.

You can earn money by betting on your victory while playing any e-sports game on Duelit. The stakes will solely rely on your skills and how you tackle the missions and levels of the games. 


E-sports is all about playing with or against people that can match your skills with their own. Game strategy and individual intellect are essential qualities of all the participants in team matches. One of the many reasons that lead to defeat in team matches is the lack of communication and understanding among teammates.

Overdog understands the importance of the above-mentioned skills in a teamplay or tournament; therefore, they have built a system where you can be matched with players that have the same gaming skills as you. Players will be matched and rated based on their profiles that they are asked to update as frequently as possible. 


Apart from being a gaming community, Overdog informs you about the upcoming tournaments and the skills and ratings you might need to enter them. In conclusion, Overdog is a useful e-sports apps that can help you play smartly with players that complement your gaming skills. 

Upcoming Esports

Upcoming Esports is known for its highly advanced yet easy to maneuver interface in the gaming community. It hasn’t been in the gaming industry for long; therefore, it is struggling to find its footing in the gaming community. Through its interactive and real-time update system is making it easy for it to be noticed by the pro gamers.


All you need to do is pick your favorite games and teams on the app, and you’ll be notified about upcoming events and tournaments related to it instantly. Apart from delivering important news, you’ll receive scores and game updates in real-time.

The highlight of Upcomer Esports is their tournament bracket that gives you updates about on-going games in real-time and helps you visualize the position of your favorite game in the competition. It also allows you to access the previous records of your favorite team that can help you in online wagering and betting. 

Remember to configure the notifications while using this app; otherwise, they’ll interfere in your gameplay and betting.

Instant Esports

Instant Esports can be easily pegged as the ace of the e-sport industry and assists many gamers in their competition. The main feature of this app is that it informs people about upcoming events and tournaments that seem to be common in almost all Esports apps.  


What sets Instant Esports apart from other esports apps?

The information that Instant Esports relays to its customers is accurate and is retrieved from more than one source. Moreover, the app seems to be focused on League of Legends since it is the most streamed and popular e-sport game right now. 

Eforce Esports

Eforce Esports is new in the industry as it lacks technical advancement like most apps we’ve mentioned in our list so far. Its interface is refined and clean, and it relays only the important news, updates, and scores to it in real-time.  


It has a calendar feature that lets you mark events that seem important for yourself as well as get to know about already marked events. The navigation setting at the top of the calendar allows you to learn about the events that are just around the corner. 

Apart from staying updated about “upcoming events’ ‘, you can search for your favorite team player by using the search bar. Tournament updates are important for everyone involved in the e-sports industry. 

Editors Choice

We might be a bit biased, but we think Duelit is the best of both worlds. It gives the players a real-world e-sports platform where it allows them to compete in large tournaments to try to win one of the big cash prizes, it also doesn’t alienate anyone. It doesn’t require a gaming PCor years of practice in a complex game. All anyone has to do is download the app from www.duelit.com for free and join any big tournament you want. It just can’t get better than that!