When it comes to gambling, online platforms have made it eminently easy to sit back and enjoy the comfort of their homes. But there is something about brick and mortar casinos that doesn’t seem to replace it. People who enjoy the atmosphere, the dealers, and the overall experience of in-person gambling prefer to travel far and wide to their favorite spots. 

Today we have put together a list of the best gambling destinations from across the globe. 

1. London

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Great Britain has been regarded as “gamblers’ paradise” in terms of having the best casinos. They have flexible rules, and anyone of legal age (18 and over) can bet on anything. 

 There are no elaborate prerequisites, and most casinos allow entry without membership. Some of the oldest and most famous clubs, such as Crockfords still exists there. 

Gambling is more of an all-year-round thing in London, so you can expect to locate one quickly, especially if you’re at places such as Leicester Square, which alone is home to around four or five casinos. Some of the most exquisite casinos like The Hippodrome or The Ritz Club, attract tons of visitors worldwide who thoroughly enjoy the experience. 

So, the next time there is a big upcoming game, you can find plenty of online sportsbooks that are readily welcoming wagers for betting. 

2. Macau, China

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China is the leading economy in the world. With everything else, it had to remain at the forefront with gambling too. It gave Las Vegas a run for their money for the title of “Best Gambling Destination.” Macau’s Chinese city is the only place where gambling is permitted; hence that makes it a top favorite amongst Chinese people.

The only catch here is that casinos in China are monopolized by one sportsbook, Macau Slot, that remains the sole loophole in the overall gambling experience.  

Despite that, Macau is still regarded as the hub of entertainment, with The Venetian being home to the largest casino having 640 gaming tables and 1.760 slot machines.  

3. Las Vegas

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After the spot mentioned above, it was inevitable that Las Vegas should be next in line for the throne. Formerly known as “America’s Playground,” Las Vegas is home to a multitude of gamblers. It has over seventy casinos, making it one of the most cherished destinations. 

There is a four-mile stretch called The Strip, which attracts thousands of poker players and gamblers to visit and experiment with their luck.

It is also the focal point for the world’s best sportsbook, so it is rather unlikely that you don’t find the wagers you want over there. 

4. Monte Carlo

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When you want to gamble, and Europe is your destination, the best answer remains Monte Carlo. It might be the smallest country, but it is home to one of the greatest and oldest casinos to date. Also known as the rich man’s playground, Monte Carlo is known for its affluence and class that attracts most people. 

Although it has an opulent nature to its name, Monte Carlo has a niche for everyone who wants to play. The only downside, however, is that there is no sports betting allowed. But the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix is still a sight for sore eyes.

5. Singapore

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As opposed to the other giants, Singapore is relatively new in the game after gambling was legalized in 2005. It has one of the most luxurious spots, such as the Marina Bay Sands, which contains over 350 tables in their casino. Over the years, Singapore has been attracting a lot of Chinese visitors who prefer it over Macau. 

The Resorts World Sentosa has rooms with an underwater view alongside 2400 gaming tables. This proves to be a focal point for many visitors who like to enjoy their gaming alongside an exquisite experience residing there.

What is your next travel destination? 


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