Are you one of those who are always looking to earn some extra bucks on the side? If yes, then you are thinking right because earning side income has become incredibly easy as the world has advanced. You can earn money from the comfort of your home and at any time you want. Isn’t that great? Let’s have a look at eight ways you can earn side income in 2020!

1. Duelit

Duelit offers you a range of games that you can select from. Playing these games will earn you money. Yes, it is as simple as that. The games are only one minute long and can be played with friends and family. They are purely skill-based so you can earn more as you develop the skill. It is an incredible way of earning side money as it also brings entertainment. You can literally earn while playing games on a break from work. This is the only way you can have entertainment as well as side income! It is like someone is paying you for having fun. 

2. Consult/Coach

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You can be a consultant or a coach on the side if you possess any specific skill set. For instance, if you have knowledge of legal matters, you can consult people who are looking for advice. If you have experience in starting up a business, you can assist people who are struggling with theirs. It is good money on the side if you possess the skill set. However, it also depends on whether the skill set you own has any demand or not. Moreover, it can sometimes get on your nerves, and you may feel overworked.

3. Freelance

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The world is moving fast, and people are giving more and more importance to freelancing. Freelancing is pretty flexible and does not require any long-term commitment. You can start and quit whenever you want. You can either write blogs, design logos or work as a virtual assistant. There are also numerous websites out there through which you can find work. However, freelance work can often take more time than you can or expect to give it.

4. Tutor/Teach Lessons

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If you are good at any subject or discipline, you can earn some side income by tutoring. It does not have to be school-related. You can become a guitar tutor, or if you know any language fluently, you can teach it too. You might also be able to teach online from the comfort of your home. However, teaching requires commitment and takes up a lot of effort, so be prepared. 

5. Customer Service Rep

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There are several jobs out there for customer service reps. All you need is a landline connection, a good internet connection, and you will be good to go. You can work from the comfort of your home. It is also flexible as you can work at hours of your choice. However, there is one setback, and that is that the work involved is mundane and becomes really boring after a few days. 

6. Event Planning

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Do you keep your home organized? Have you ever organized an event, be it at school or a birthday party? If yes, then there is no harm in trying event planning to earn some side income. You will have to take care of entertainment, catering, and the venue for the event. You can go for all sorts of event planning or specialize in just one, such as birthday parties. However, as fun and easy, it may sound, a lot can go wrong in practice but rarely. It can also take a lot of time, so make sure you do it on days where you are totally free.

7. Photography

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If you have a thing for capturing moments, photography is the side gig for you. Literally, anyone can be good at it if they give it some time, though, and effort. However, make sure that you don’t go for all sorts of photography. Stick to just one and get better at it, such as wedding shoots. The photos you take can also be sold online to certain websites. As much good as this side gig is, it can often become overwhelming and time-consuming. You would have to move out of your house and spend a lot of time to get the perfect shot. 

8. Babysit/Housesit/Petsit

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This can earn you a lot of side money. You already have a target audience i.e., your friends, neighbors, and family. Since all of these people already know you, they would prefer you over anyone else. The best part? It requires no skills as such. You just have to be good with either babies or pets or in the case of house sitting, with being alone. 

9. RepairPerson

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Are you good at repairing anything? Like a computer or a broken wire on a light switch? Can you handle broken pieces of plumbing? If you are a do it yourself person, you can bring these skills to some good use. Being a repair person can earn you some good money on the side. However, this requires effort and time, and you would have to get out of the comfort of your home. 

Do you any other we didn’t think of? Let us know below!