Social isolation is upon us. And with that, the only social interaction we are permitted to have is only virtual. No more coffee runs or a quick trip to the mall. 

And no, I’m not a killjoy. I’m here to give you a solution to all your isolation blues.

Even during this time of Quarantine, there are various social games that you can play with your friends that will give you the experience of an actual meetup! 

Here is how you can do that: 


Do you crave those long tournament sessions with your peers? How about those one-on-one knockout games? 

Well, Duelit is your one-stop solution to all things in Quarantine. 

Duelit is a gaming app which comprises of a variety of game options so you won’t have to worry about getting bored anytime soon. All games are one-minute sessions, so whether you’re downloading your favorite movie on torrent, going for a quick jog around the neighborhood, or just crashing on your couch, you can always spare a minute. 

All the games on the Duelit app are pleasurable yet straightforward in their unique ways. There is no prior skill or knowledge required; the only exception is a knack for gaming! 

And this is not even the best part! Duelit offers cash prizes for all the games you win. 

Whether that’s a solo game or a tournament with friends, the winner takes home the gold! 

It’s all about the QuaranTeam!

All transactions are made via PayPal directly into your account. 

Does anything beat that? You get to kill time AND make money without moving an inch! 

Head over to to download the Android version or App Store to download Duelit for iOS now!


Three game modes define Fortnite. 

Fortnite Battle Royale is a setting where players transport themselves to an island where there are no necessities available. The only weapon at hand is a pickaxe. Players must hunt for weaponry, shields, and armor. The last person who survives any attack from the opponents is the one who wins. 

Fortnite Creative, as the name suggests, gives players the liberty to construct their courses, which can be shared with their friends or peers. 

Fortnite: Save the World is a player vs. environment tournament that needs at least four players to solve a mission. The players act like commandos with their base shelters and have to gather necessary resources, rescue survivors, and safeguard their weaponry. 

Players can gain in-app bonuses in the form of weapons, character upgrades, etc. 

If this sounds promising to you, give it a go! 


Minecraft is a builder’s world. The players are exposed to a three-dimensional world where they derive raw materials, design their tools, create structures, etc. 

Players can either contest against the computer or challenge upto eight friends to this game. 

There’s either a survival mode where players have to obtain resources and remain alive at any cost. Then there is a creative mode where players are at liberty to create and design gameplay and elements.

Are you in for some technical gaming? 

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is an action-packed adventure game in which players act as pirates who are supposed to execute voyages from various trading companies to redeem themselves as the greatest. 

It is a multiplayer game where upto three friends can play at one time. You get a chance to explore treasuries, hoist sails, handle anchors, and also contend opponents by drawing themselves onto their ship. 

If this comes off as appealing to you, give it a try! 

Final Thoughts

With all the options available today, it becomes overwhelming to pick one. 

The most rational line of thought would suggest opting for something fun yet quick and easy to manage, so there is no extra fatigue. 

With that being said, Duelit presents itself as the most plausible option of being the most convenient and fun while also giving you some side income to indulge in. 

Who doesn’t want to crash on their sofa playing their favorite game in exchange for some cash?