In today’s world, everyone has a trick up their sleeves to earn some money. The same can be said about the big gambling companies as well that offer their games on the internet so that you can enjoy the fun of gambling all by sitting in your home. But the problem arises because of the unique algorithms and unique A.I used these big games to make money by stealing people’s money.

How you may ask? 

Every algorithm is different, but most of them give you a range of money, mostly 20 to 2000 dollars. You are betting your 50$, and you get 60$ in return. In another match, the AI knows that you have already won, and you lose in your second match. This makes you frustrated and wants to earn more, and the phenomenon goes on until you realize that you have spent a lot. 

Understanding the Algorithms 

So now that you know, two best methods to earn money from gambling, let us discuss how gambling companies steal money from you. There are three main types of algorithms that are used by these big gambling companies to make you spend more bucks than you should: 

1. Slot Machines 

Slot machines algorithms are bizarre and are based on the feeling of almost there. Using a slot machine is not as random as you think it is, even virtual slot machines as well. The algorithm is designed to make you feel that the jackpot was almost there, and one more try will give you the cash. 

You have decided to make another go and more money for the house. To bypass the slot machine, use it right after another person. There is a chance that the machine might think that it’s the same person trying so hard and might give you a considerable price. Virtual slot machines are 100% luck-based, and it is better if you stay away from them.

2. Dice Games 

In virtual gambling, you will encounter a lot of dice gambling games such as Craps. These games seem like other luck-based games, but actually, the dice is programmed in such a way that it already knew which person will win. The purpose of the dice is to choose which person will leave with money. The guessing part is a scam, and everything is pre-calculated. 

So how can you crack the calculation? Always play the game when there is less traffic in the region, such as at night. This will increase your chances of winning.

3. Card Games

Virtual gambling card games such as poker do not use an algorithm, and it is somewhat skill-based. But, these gambling companies have another trick in their minds. There is a chance the person you are playing with online is not a real person and is only a bot. What this will do is that the bot knows your card and wins all the time. Your money is indirectly going to the house.

This trick is widespread in poker. To counter this absurdness, you can play poker when it is the rush hour, and everyone is online. You can ensure if everyone is a real person by using the chat features that almost every gambling app offers.

Why do Gambling Companies Play Tricks?

They use these hidden tactics to earn money for the house. Casinos are business, and stealing people’s money is their business. They persuade you to use as much money as you can so they can earn money. Casinos are delusional, and mostly, you are losing money rather than actually making it. 

The best way to counter this approach is to play safe gambling games that cannot be manipulated. Even sports betting games cannot be trusted because they are also trying to make money as well. E-sport is the best genre to win money with your skills and not your luck. 

How To Protect Yourself

Knowing all these how can you not let them get you? Let us tell you the games that don’t offer these fishy systems at all:


Duelit is the best e-sport/betting game that can give you the experience of gambling, without being a gambling app as it’s a skill-based wagering game. Each game duration is one minute, and the person with the highest point wins a cash prize. With the variety of games, You can select the one you like the most and start earning cash without any tricks from weird algorithms. 

Duelit is on its rise, and with a strong player base, you can earn a lot of cash. Tag in with your friends and family members and compete with each other. With the fast delivery service through PayPal, you can receive your money in no time.

Let the adventure begin!

Competitive Gaming 

Competitive gaming is another way to earn much cash, and it is not gambling. But the skill level required to start earning from your gameplay is so much that many people need to be hospitalized because they practice too much and face malnutrition. Many pro gamers earn much money from competitive gaming and e-sport. 

You at least need to play the game for about six to eight hours to become good at it. Then crank up some more time to become the best.


Don’t waste money on their ridiculous gambling apps and use Duelit to win money. With 100% security, you can earn money in no time. Compete with people all around the world and win cash by utilizing your skills. Duelit has all the games you like in a single platform, and you have the choice to select your best. As all of these games are skilled based, there are no fishy tricks to confuse you along the way. 

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