The 21st  century is all about doing the most in less time to procure high profits. Everyone knows that working smart is better than working hard if you want to be productive with your work. Most workplaces are facilitated with technology and digitalization that provides you access to the intricacies of the world wide web.

Moreover, employed individuals and business owners have so much to do that they cannot solely rely on their memory to keep track of their meetings and task deadlines. There are so many things that can skip your mind during lectures or in an office meeting and later impact your productivity; therefore, people look up to tech gurus to help them with their dilemma

As a result, the online community is filled with apps that can boost an individual’s productivity by assisting them at work, house, and during the study. We have compiled a list of some of the best productivity apps available in the market for your convenience below: 


Duelit has set the productivity bar high with their “play games & earn money” concept, but there are other ways to boost your productivity. For instance, video conference service apps help people to work from home, especially when we are amidst a pandemic like Corona. 

Schools, colleges, and the business community are now using Zoom for their online meeting and lectures. You can be anywhere in the world, but if you have access to the internet and any digital device like mobile, tablet, and laptop, you can connect with your classmates and workmates online. 

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Apps like these promote the concept of a global village as businesses and acquiring knowledge are not limited by country borders. Most business owners appreciate video conference apps like Zoom because of their convenience and efficiency. They don’t have to travel anywhere to meet their clients; therefore, their expenses don’t pile, up and the time wasted during a commute is also saved.


If you want to work peacefully and stress-free, then downloading a project management app like Trello can help you with the task. Most people don’t use fun and work in the same sentence since the former has no practical value in the business world, but things can take a turn for good for you once you download Trello. 

Imagine your boss giving you a task that is making you anxious just by looking at its enormity. What will you do?

  1. You’ll break down the tasks into smaller tasks.
  2. Arrange them according to their priority. 
  3. Determine preferences and strategies. 
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Trello helps you with all that by allowing you to make cards for different stages in your task. Each stage is categorized according to its priority and work relevancy. Cards will be transferred from the “unfinished” category to the “completed” category, as you move ahead towards the task completion. 

You can download Trello from the Google App Store for free. 

Microsoft Office Suite

Almost everyone has used at least one app from the Microsoft Office Suite series. Word, Excel, PowerPoint are some of the most trending apps that people from every walk of life use, especially office workers and students. Every digital device from laptop to mobiles has at least one of these programs available in their system already without you having to download it from the official Microsoft website. 

Word allows you to create, view, and edit documents (Docx format), PowerPoint helps you to make a presentation for office meetings, and class presentations and Excel helps you create a spreadsheet and compile data.

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Microsoft Office Suite programs are the complete package that you’ll ever need to boost your productivity in your class or at work. All these programs are backed up by cloud data storage services like Dropbox, Drive & OneDrive. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about losing your work EVER!

Otter Voice Notes

Noting down lectures and key points in meetings has always been a struggle for most people. Things can take a turn for the worst if you can’t recall the missing details while transcribing your notes later. 

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People use the Otter Voice Notes app to record lectures and meetings and to transcribe those recordings with accurate grammar and punctuation in a document. It uses your phone’s built-in microphone to record whatever the speaker is saying within the phone’s vicinity. 

You can edit and view files transcribed on Otter Voice Notes in other apps by using the “export” option. 


You may be surprised by an esports gaming app making this list but you have to think about it, nothing can be more productive than making money while sitting home and playing games. Most employed individuals complain about stress and anxiety as they barely get the chance to enjoy life and improve their lifestyle. Duelit is a gaming platform that allows you to connect with people from around the world and play video games either with them or against them. 

All the games available at Duelit are the mini versions of popular video games that you can finish playing in less than a minute. Whether you can secure a cash prize at the end of every mission or level in whatever game you are playing or not is directly related to your performance in the game.

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Duelit appreciates skill more than luck. Therefore, all of their games are skill-based. Even betting on their e-sport games rely on the gaming skills of the player and not on someone else. In conclusion, you are not only betting on your gaming skills but on your strategic intellect as well to earn money.