These are testing times, and not everyone is living their best life, considering the situation at hand. And during such circumstances, the one thing that’s affected most is your pocket. People resort to various other methods of making money, preferably from home, as everyone observes social isolation. These options will not necessarily make you affluent but will serve as a pocket change to save up on. 

The following ways will enable you to make money without having to burn the midnight oil: 



Duelit is an e-sports app that serves as a skill gaming platform for anyone who has a knack for a good match. It relies entirely on your ability to contest tactfully and win based on your skill rather than sheer luck. Users have the option of playing solo, or they can even invite their friends for a tournament. There are equal opportunities for everyone in the match to win. Players are required to give their bank information when signing up, so any money won is instantly transferred to their account. 

The more and better you play, the increased are your chances of making quick cash. Duelit is available both on iOS and Android so you have the option of either downloading it from their website or you can find it on the App Store. Any free time you have whether it’s waiting in line for an appointment, or road traveling, this app keeps you hooked and entertained. 

So you can make money without having to go anywhere. Sounds exciting. 

2.Online Surveys 


A quick and easy way to make money is to fill out surveys. Worldwide companies seek people who would be interested in contributing their time to various reviews and test products. The payment is made either in the form of money or rewards. It goes up to $5 for filling out surveys. 

If you’re interested in making some cash and have the patience to fill out forms, this might do the trick. 

3.Build your website


Starting your web page can seem tricky, but it can pay off quite a bit if done right. However, you will have to invest in a host such as Bluehost or any other platform to kickstart your site. You can attach your social media to it to attract visitors. The more traffic you generate, the higher your chances of earning. 

4.Affiliate Marketing


This is in conjunction with the choice mentioned above of either having an established website or a substantial social media presence. Affiliate marketing operates by using your platform to promote other companies or businesses in return for revenue. If you put in the hours for it, you can make quite some income using this method. 



There are multiple platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, where you can sign up as a freelancer and start bidding for work. This can be copywriting, translation, data entry, voice-overs, etc. You can attract clients by offering their services. Initially settling for a lower bid increases your chances of getting selected for the job. 

Once you get fluent in the area, you can gradually increase your prices and build upon your clientele. This, again, needs you to invest time and effort for better and higher bids. 

6.Online Tutoring


Do you have a knack for teaching? This might be the job for you! Platforms like Udemy or UK Tutors enable you to either form your courses or sign up for one-on-one coaching. Becoming a private tutor pays up to £10 an hour. You do not require fancy credentials to qualify for the position. You can gradually increase your rates as you attract more students to your virtual classroom. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many options for you to choose your favorite source of passive income. All you need to decide is whether you are willing to put in the hours for some of these listed above or want to make money the relaxed and laid-back way.

What’s your pick? Tell us in the comments below!