The eSports industry is a rapidly growing global phenomenon. With the rise of online streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube, professional gaming has become a viable career option for many young people around the world. Today, there are dozens of professional eSports leagues and tournaments with multimillion-dollar prize pools. And the audience for eSports is only getting bigger: according to a report from Newzoo, the global eSports audience will reach nearly 600 million this year.

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Our mission is to provide the most entertaining and exciting gaming experiences possible. Duelit strives to create an environment where players can test their skills and improve their game.

The Duelit team constantly innovates and expands offerings to ensure that there is always something new and exciting for gamers. We welcome you to join us on this journey and hope that you have as much fun playing on Duelit as we do while creating it.

With the global popularity of esports, it’s no surprise that there are now a number of books about the subject. Here are five of the most popular esports books that our team loved to read, all of which offer insights into the world of competitive gaming.

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eSports Books #1 Good Luck and Have Fun – The Rise of eSports

The Rise of eSports by David Litt is a comprehensive look at the history and present state of competitive gaming. Litt chronicles the rise of popular games like Counter-Strike and Starcraft. If you want to learn more about eSports, this book is a great place to start.

Good Luck and Have Fun chronicles the rise of eSports from its humble beginnings in the early 1990s to its present state as a multi-million dollar industry. It follows the stories of some of the most influential figures in the eSports world, including players, promoters, and broadcasters.

Litt paints a picture of an industry that is on the cusp of mainstream success. It is an exciting time for eSports, and the book does a great job of capturing that excitement.

eSports Books #2 A Newborn Business: eSports

A Newborn Business: eSports is a book about the history and future of the eSports industry. The book covers the origins of eSports, its current state, and its potential future.

The book starts with a brief history of video gaming and how it has evolved into the competitive scene that is present today. It then goes into detail about the different games that are played competitively, as well as the tournaments and leagues that exist for these games. The book covers both the positive and negative aspects of eSports, including its potential to be a viable career option for gamers.

The book ends with a look at where the industry is headed in the future. It includes predictions about how eSports will continue to grow in popularity and how it will eventually become mainstream.

eSports Books #2 A Newborn Business: eSports

eSports Books #3 eSport is Business: Management in the World of Competitive Gaming

eSport is Business: Management in the World of Competitive Gaming by Anders Hørsholm is a book that explores the business side of professional gaming. The book covers topics such as team management, event organization, and marketing.

Hørsholm interviewed several professional gamers and managers to get insights into how the industry works. He also spoke with sponsors, investors, and lawyers to get a better understanding of the legal and financial aspects of e-sports.

The book provides an overview of the competitive gaming industry and its potential for growth. It is an essential read for anyone looking to get involved in the business side of e-sports.

#4 The Invisible Game: Mindset of a Winning Team

In The Invisible Game: Mindset of a Winning Team, authors Joanne Miller and Jonathan A. Krupp explore the importance of cultivating a growth mindset in order to achieve success in any field. They argue that individuals and teams who adopt a growth mindset are more likely to persevere in the face of setbacks, embrace challenges, and learn from failure. The book provides readers with practical advice for developing a growth mindset, including tips for changing negative self-talk, setting goals, and seeking feedback.

Negative self-talk can be a destructive force in our lives. It can prevent us from reaching our goals and achieving our full potential. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are steps we can take to change our negative self-talk and start living more positive, fulfilling lives.

Here are two tips from the book for changing your negative self-talk:

1. Be aware of your thoughts. The first step is to become aware of the negative thoughts you’re having. Once you’re aware of them, you can start to challenge and reframe them.

2. Talk back to your inner critic. Start talking back to your inner critic whenever it pops up. Start countering its negativity with positive affirmations about yourself. Remind yourself of your strengths and accomplishments.

#4 The Invisible Game: Mindset of a Winning Team

#5 Raising the Stakes

In Raising the Stakes, author and researcher Nicole Taylor examines the rise of competitive youth sports and the pressure that young athletes face to perform at increasingly higher levels. Through interviews with young athletes, their parents, and experts in the field, Taylor sheds light on the intense pressure that many young people feel to succeed in sports.

While some argue that competition is healthy and can teach important life lessons, others have raised concerns about the negative impact that such pressure can have on young people. In particular, some worry that the focus on winning at all costs can lead to an unhealthy obsession with perfectionism and a fear of failure.

Whether you are a parent of a young athlete or simply someone who cares about the well-being of children, Raising the Stakes is an important read.