eSports events have gained immense popularity in the past decade, with millions of gamers tuning in to watch professional players compete in various gaming competitions. May 2023 will be a special month for eSports fans, as multiple events are taking place worldwide to look forward to. From tournaments featuring classic titles such as League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to newer games like Overwatch and Apex Legends, these competitive gaming events will attract some of the best players from around the globe.

In this article, we like to introduce you to two events in May 2023, Sports Business Journal’s (SBJ) eSports Rising event, and 2. Annual MENA Gaming & eSports summit.

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eSports Events in May 2023 #1. SBJ eSports Rising

SBJ eSports Rising is one of the premier esports events scheduled to take place on May 4, 2023. The event is known for bringing together some of the most talented players from all over the world to compete in a variety of popular games. In addition, SBJ eSports Rising offers a platform for up-and-coming players to showcase their skills and make a name for themselves.

The event attracts thousands of spectators who come to witness the intense competition between teams and individuals. There are various categories ranging from first-person shooters to real-time strategy games, so there’s something for everyone. With millions of dollars in prize money up for grabs, it’s no surprise that SBJ eSports Rising is considered one of the most prestigious esports events on the calendar.

One unique aspect of SBJ eSports Rising is its focus on diversity and inclusivity. The organizers actively seek out players from different backgrounds, cultures, genders, and abilities to participate in the event. This has helped create a more welcoming environment that encourages everyone interested in esports to get involved. Overall, SBJ eSports Rising promises an unforgettable experience filled with excitement, passion, and skillful gameplay that you won’t want to miss!

The global esports ecosystem has seen a tremendous surge in popularity in recent years, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this growth. In 2020, we saw major events like E3 being canceled or shifted to virtual formats, and even the Olympics exploring the possibility of including esports as a medal event. As such, it’s no surprise that experts in the industry are continuing to explore ways to expand and improve upon this exciting field.

To tackle these pressing issues head-on, a three-hour virtual program has been organized that will bring together some of the brightest minds in esports. Similar to the 2020 event, this program will delve into topics such as expanding participation opportunities for players from underrepresented communities and how to maintain player health and wellness amidst heavy tournament schedules. Additionally, panelists will discuss how developments like blockchain technology may play an increasingly important role in shaping the future of esports.

eSports Events in May 2023 #1. SBJ eSports Rising

eSports Events in May 2023 #2. MENA Gaming & eSports Summit

The MENA Gaming & eSports Summit is set to take place on May,30-31 2023, and it promises to be one of the most exciting eSports events of the year. The summit will bring together industry leaders, gamers, and enthusiasts from across the Middle East and North Africa region. Attendees can expect a range of activities such as panel discussions, keynote speeches, networking opportunities, and plenty of gaming tournaments.

The event aims to promote growth in the local gaming industry by fostering collaboration between stakeholders. It will also provide a platform for emerging talents to showcase their skills through various competitions. With its focus on technology and innovation, attendees can look forward to learning about the latest trends shaping the future of eSports. Overall, the MENA Gaming & eSports Summit is an unmissable opportunity for anyone interested in this rapidly expanding field.

Another year, another exciting lineup of speakers at the MENA Gaming & eSports Summit. The previous years’ summits have brought in top-notch industry leaders to share their insights and experiences with attendees. In addition to Lokesh Suji and Umer Abbas, other notable past speakers include Ralf Reichert (CEO of ESL), Wim Stocks (former CEO of WorldGaming Network), and Oleg Butenko (CEO of Playkey).

These speakers cover a wide range of topics, from the development and growth of eSports in India to the global landscape of competitive gaming. They also offer valuable insights into the business aspect of eSports, such as marketing strategies and monetization opportunities.

As we look forward to May 2023’s summit, attendees can expect an equally impressive lineup that promises to deliver even more valuable information and inspiration for those interested in the booming world of eSports.

eSports Events in May 2023 #2. MENA Gaming & eSports Summit

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