The eSports industry is rapidly growing and evolving, and with this new growth comes the need for stakeholders to come together. On 23 March 2023, the University of Warwick in Coventry will be hosting ESI Next Gen at the eSports Center – an event that brings together key stakeholders from the world of eSports. Attendees at this highly anticipated event will include competitive players, game developers, streamers, and sponsors, all looking to discuss the future of competitive gaming.

The world of esports and gaming has been gaining more traction in recent years, and many opportunities come with that. As it continues to integrate more into education, there is a vision to build broader and stronger connections between the industries. By doing this, we will create a deeper understanding of how these two sectors can work together for mutual benefit.

Today we will introduce you to eSports Insiders’ upcoming event ESI Next Gen, and their previous success in the eSports industry.

Previous Attendees of ESI Next Gen

The ESI Next Gen conference is a world-renowned event for those interested in the future of energy and sustainability. Held annually, the conference attracts high-profile guests from around the globe who are passionate about creating a sustainable future. The past attendees of this conference have been many of the top industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators that are pushing forward with their ideas to create a better tomorrow. For example, previous speakers at ESI Next Gen include Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft; Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Motors; Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon; Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group; and Mark Zuckerberg, CEO & Founder of Facebook. These individuals have all used their time at the ESI Next Gen Conference to discuss ways in which they can help make an impact on our planet through advances in technology and sustainability practices. Visitors of the ESI Next Gen Conference have also had the opportunity to hear from other notable industry leaders and innovators such as Jeff Immelt, chairman & CEO of General Electric; Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook; Adam Grant, Wharton professor, and author; Steve Case.

ESI Next Gen events have become an essential part of the gaming industry. It’s one of the most important conventions for gamers, developers, and publishers to come together and discuss the newest trends in video game technology. Previous publisher attendees at ESI Next Gen events include some of the biggest names in gaming such as Riot Games, Ubisoft, and EA Sports. Riot Games is best known for their hit MOBA title League of Legends which has been played by millions around the world. At ESI Next Gen they can meet with other developers to discuss new strategies for continuing their success with more titles that keep players engaged. Meanwhile, Ubisoft has a wealth of experience with franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon series. They use ESI Next Gen as a platform to showcase their upcoming projects while also talking to gamers about what they want from future titles.

Previous Attendees of ESI Next Gen

The Venue: University of Warwick and eSports

The University of Warwick is one of the leading universities in the UK, and it recently made waves when it announced its foray into eSports. The university has partnered with a number of specialist gaming companies to provide students with an exciting new way to engage with their academic studies. The move marks a milestone for both the university and eSports, as this is the first time that such a prestigious institution has embraced competitive gaming on campus. Students at Warwick can now officially compete in professional tournaments online as part of their coursework or even join intramural teams for regular practice sessions. They will also benefit from dedicated gaming spaces and access to industry-leading equipment provided by partners such as Alienware and Logitech G. These resources will enable them to hone their skills and demonstrate their capabilities in organized eSports events around the world.

East Gate and St Peter Chapel in Warwick

Comments from the Previous Attendees of ESI Next Gen

The eSports Industry Stakeholder Gathering, ESI Next Gen, is fast approaching. Attending the gathering are some of the biggest names in the eSports community from all over the world. Previous attendees of ESI Next Gen have shared their experiences and feelings about participating in such an event.

Most attendees described the experience as “inspiring”. One attendee commented that ” ESI was a great platform to meet with industry leaders and innovators and exchange ideas about what will be next for eSport.” Another attendee shared his thoughts on how it is important for stakeholders to come together to collaborate and share visions for the future of eSports, “It was illuminating being part of a room filled with like-minded professionals who were passionate about growing this industry further.”

Overall, previous attendees have only positive things to say about their participation at ESI Next Gen.

Comments from the Previous Attendees of ESI Next Gen

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