eSports is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, with millions of players and fans alike. It has become so popular that teams are now competing for millions of dollars in prize money. With such high stakes, it comes as no surprise that some teams are worth a lot more than others. In this article, we will be revealing the 4 most valuable eSports teams in the world, and exploring what makes them so successful.

eSports Teams Worth #1. TSM

TSM, or Team SoloMid, is one of the most popular eSports teams in the world. Founded in 2009 by Andy “Reginald” Dinh, TSM has gone on to become one of the most successful teams in League of Legends history. In fact, TSM is currently worth over $540 million and has a global following that includes millions of fans.

One reason for TSM’s success is its roster of talented players. The team’s current lineup includes some of the best players in the world such as Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg and Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen. These players have helped TSM win multiple championships and cemented their place as one of the top teams in eSports.

Another factor contributing to TSM’s value is its brand recognition. The team has partnerships with major companies like Logitech, Red Bull, and Lenovo, which not only provide financial support but also help promote the team to a wider audience. With a strong roster and brand recognition, it’s no surprise that TSM remains one of the most valuable eSports teams today.

eSports Teams Worth #1. TSM

eSports Teams Worth #2. 100 Thieves

100 Thieves is an esports organization that has been making waves in the industry since its inception in 2017. Founded by former Call of Duty player and popular YouTuber Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, 100 Thieves has a notable presence across a wide range of games, including League of Legends, Fortnite, and Valorant. The organization’s estimated worth is $460 million.

100 Thieves has gained popularity for its unique branding and merchandising strategies. The company has collaborated with major fashion brands such as Gucci to create limited edition merchandise drops that sell out within minutes. Additionally, the team’s partnerships with major sponsors like Cash App have helped solidify its position as one of the most valuable esports organizations in the world.

With competitive rosters across various games and an engaged fanbase, 100 Thieves shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. As esports continues to grow rapidly as a global industry worth billions of dollars annually, it will be exciting to see how this organization evolves and expands.

eSports Teams Worth #2. 100 Thieves

eSports Teams Worth #3. Team Liquid

Team Liquid is not just one of the most valuable eSports teams but also one of the most widely recognized among fans. With a valuation of $440 million, Team Liquid has won numerous championships in various games such as Dota 2, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The team’s success can be attributed to its talented players who have consistently delivered outstanding performances.

Founded in 2000, Team Liquid is based in the Netherlands and boasts an impressive roster that includes some of the best eSports players from around the world. The team has a strong presence on social media platforms, with millions of followers across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In addition to its competitive gaming division, Team Liquid also offers content creation services that include live streaming and video production.

Team Liquid’s partnerships with leading brands such as Alienware and Monster Energy have helped it to achieve financial success while maintaining its position as one of the top eSports teams globally. As the popularity of eSports continues to rise rapidly worldwide, it is likely that we will see more successful teams like Team Liquid emerge in the future.

eSports Teams Worth #3. Team Liquid

#4. Faze Clan

Faze Clan is one of the most popular and valuable eSports teams in the world today. Founded in 2010, the team started with Call of Duty sniping videos on YouTube before expanding into other games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite, and more. Faze Clan is valued at $400 million and has a massive social media following across various platforms.

One of the reasons for Faze Clan’s success is its focus on creating engaging content for its fans. The team regularly uploads videos showcasing their gameplay skills, behind-the-scenes footage, and even collaborations with popular celebrities like Lil Yachty and Offset. This strategy has helped to grow their fanbase to over 22 million subscribers on YouTube alone.

In addition to content creation, Faze Clan also participates in major tournaments around the world. They have won several championships in different games throughout their existence, including a victory at the ELeague Atlanta Major CS:GO tournament in 2017. With such impressive accomplishments under their belt, it’s no wonder why Faze Clan ranks among the top eSports teams globally today

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In conclusion, the most valuable eSports teams in the world have been revealed. In particular, TSM, 100 Thieves, Team Liquid, and FaZe Clan have successfully positioned themselves as the top contenders in this industry. The success of these organizations is due to their impressive competitive achievements, ability to attract sponsorships and the marketability of their players. These teams continue to demonstrate that eSports is a viable career path for gamers around the world.