Should eSports include comprehensive monitoring for health issues? eSports is an emerging industry, and one of the key questions to answer is how much it should be regulated. Some might argue that physical activity in eSports does not require the level of monitoring that other sports do. For example, football and basketball players take hits to their heads regularly.

As eSports becomes more and more popular, we’re seeing more and more of the health issues that gamers face. Knee pain, back pain, as well as neck and shoulder problems all contribute to the overall pain of participants. To combat these issues, some participants are considering more extreme measures such as using binding tape.

If you’re a gamer, you’ll find a lot of exercises that you’re doing in a video game, such as squatting or lunges. Overuse is a huge problem in the gaming world – just look at the carpal tunnel that many players have from constantly typing on a keyboard.

In today’s article, I’ll inform you about the risks and how you can overcome such conditions.

Health in eSports Players

Health in eSports Tip #1 Watch Posture

eSports athletes have a ton of competing pressures. They need to train to be better than their opponents, learn new skills, and get enough rest, to succeed. One aspect that affects all of these things is posture. The better the posture becomes the longer muscles will take to fatigue. This decreases the risk of injury for eSports players.

A good posture is when we place our head above our shoulders, and our hips and ribs form a 90-degree angle. This helps distribute weight and pressure equally on the body. A poor posture is when we tilt our head forward and our back and ribs become concave and the weight.

Health in eSports Tip #2 Use Ergonomic Equipment Properly

Please be informed that it is really important to use ergonomic equipment in the right way in order to alleviate stress on joints. Ergonomic equipment is usually designed to reduce the stress on the body when performing particular tasks. For example, when playing video games like Overwatch players require a mouse, keyboard, and desk that are designed to be positioned at the correct height for the player.

You should also be aware that there are many different types of mice, keyboards, and desks for different needs. Your best option is to travel to an expert retailer in your area and discuss your needs with them to find out what would be best for you. Please be advised that using the wrong ergonomic equipment can cause serious injury.

Health in eSports Tip #2 Use Ergonomic Equipment Properly

Health in eSports Tip #3 Stretch as much as Possible

eSports players should stretch as much as possible. Players should warm up by stretching before gaming and this helps athletes loosen tight muscles and become more mobile. The eSports players should then stretch out the muscles that were used the most during the game – this will help prevent injuries.

It is also important for eSports players to stretch after playing, as it helps the muscles relax and the gamer’s body to cool down. Types of stretches that can be done to prevent injuries include Standing Hamstring Stretch, Spinal Twist, Pose Pose, and Wall Squat.

Health in eSports Tip #4 Train Regularly

People who play games with high levels of competition, such as eSports, should do some reflective training on their hand and arm muscles. Playing games with high levels of competition can put stress on the muscles in your hands, which can lead to pain and unnecessary use of muscles. There are all types of games to play now, so pick one that is less intense than an FPS game.

You can go for something like an RPG or sports game. Try playing with your non-dominant hand, with your dominant hand, or with no game controller at all. You can also try playing without using your dominant hand at all, using your left hand.

Health in eSports Tip #4 Train Regularly

Health in eSports Tip #5 Chiropractic Care Might Be The Solution to Your Pain

Chiropractors help patients with a variety of ailments. Not only do chiropractors help with pain relief, but many patients also come to us for preventive care. When a patient comes to a chiropractor, they receive a thorough evaluation. After a diagnosis is made, a treatment plan can be determined. This can include techniques such as therapeutic massage, chiropractic adjustments, and stretching exercises.

These techniques help with pain relief as well as improving mobility. In addition to the physical adjustments, chiropractors also treat the patient as a whole. We take care of their mental and emotional health as well as their physical health. If you are in pain, please don’t hesitate to call your local chiropractor.

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