So, you searched for the best online gambling games because your friend just made a thousand dollars from gambling online. But now you are hooked and have spent hundreds of dollars with mostly going to loss. You are not alone; many people tend to get into gambling companies’ strategies that help them prosper but not you as a player. These games look luck based but are automated to persuade all of you into getting your hands dirty.

After digging into casino frauds and other strategies that casinos use to attract people, I concluded the list that even the most resilient people can fall into.                        

Trickery of Gambling Companies 

So you are still interested in online gambling apps, so following are major tricks pulled by online gambling apps to get you hooked to it: 

1. Lights and background music get you in the mood 

So gambling is not always about winning or losing, sometimes it is played to get that adrenaline rush. The lighting and sounds of gambling apps are so authentic that it seems like you are actually in a casino, which gives you the anxiety you crave. 

Within an occupied casino that is particularly important, but when it comes to a gaming or gambling device on a mobile, it requires an equal amount of audio-visual fancy stuff to catch your attention. 

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Yet are they all rubbish? Research shows that when combined with reward ambiguity, the lights and background music are more enticing and able to stimulate the impulses to play. Win-associated signals – like jingles differ in duration and magnitude being the function of the size of the jackpot – can raise anticipation and makes gamblers overestimate how much they win. Crucially, they will keep you playing longer and will allow playing moves quickly.

2. These apps make you feel victorious, even if you are losing.

Given that games made such that the house still has an edge, at best, a gambler never succeeds. You may only occasionally see lights coupled with background music that come with a real jackpot visit. The game industry must-have, however, come up with a solution to this issue. 

The makers have greatly updated slot machines over the last two decades, removing the outdated wooden weapons and favor modern devices recognized as computer gaming equipment. These modern devices have bright lighting and a range of sounds which makes them even more enticing. They do have more reels, inaugurating a modern age in multiline video-slot machines.

This makes the experience overall thrilling and seeing that you missed a jackpot from a single tile wants you to play more. It is just like your favorite game. When you are playing it and lose, you rage for a second, but eventually, realize how much you love that game, and before you know it, you are playing it again and again and again, even though that particular game frustrates you. 

Casinos and especially online gambling games. They hook for years and take a lot of money from you while making you happy. 

3. You are playing against the odds.

In recreational gambling, not only are you facing the odds, but you are still battling an opponent trained in the technique of deceit. Lucky games have a commercial motive in hooking up players for a longer period and eventually allowing them to walk away with the illusion they’ve done more than opportunity, giving a false sense of competence.

So, they let you win purposefully in a few rounds, so you think that I am the best from the best. These people have no chance against me. Then you will lose and lose and keep on losing because these gambling apps handle all the odds. Some people like the feeling of acceptance and appreciation from gambling, and they keep on gamble until they run out of chips. 

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Your emotions make you addicted to gambling, which in turn makes revenue for the house. Gambling is a business and not a competitive sport. No one can be truly skilled in gambling. You can just be experienced and that takes a lot of cash to get to that point. Even then, you cannot say for sure whether you are going to win every single game or not because you don’t know. Because it is still all luck. 

Almost all Gambling apps also use some special algorithms to keep you happy with the game performance.

So What Can You Do

There are better ways to win online money without gambling. One example is the e-sports app that makes you win a lot of cash with skills alone, so you can know that there are some better ways to earn money, which is not gambling at all. 


Duelit is the best mobile e-sport app that is so underrated. It offers everything that a casual gamer, like many of us, needs to start earning cash. This game has a bunch of larger titles in it so you can select the game you think you are good at, compete with other people in one minute duel, and if you win, you will earn a cash prize. Amazing isn’t!

These kinds of games are not easy to find because no matter what type of gamer you are, you can earn money from it. You can compete with your friends and family members to see who is the best player. The winner will get a prize. With its quick cash delivery, you will get your money in PayPal in no time, so what are you waiting to download? Duelit on IOS from the AppStore or for Android from here

Earn amazing prizes from e-sports! 


Before you fall into the trap of these gambling companies, look upon other options like Duelit to make money safely. With no risk, you can start earning money from Duelit, and it is always better to earn money from your skill than your luck.     

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