Nowadays, money makes the mare go, and quite frankly, everyone is in a race to earn that extra cash. But unfortunately, jobs are a tight squeeze, and the schedules are a bit too taxing for the average individual. This does not mean you cannot accomplish anything, but rather there are new and improved methods to obtain some side income and that too from the comfort of your own home. Sounds promising, doesn’t it? 



In today’s era of Candy Crush and Call of Duty, everyone wants to indulge in a challenging game, regardless of age. What if I told you there’s a mode of earning money whilst playing your favorite game laid back against the couch? You probably wouldn’t believe me. But Duelit does exactly that. 

It’s an application designed to enable people from all age groups to play tournaments and win exciting cash prizes. 

Unlike other mobile games that offer in-app currency, Duelit gets you instant cash via Paypal. Does anything beat that? 



When you’re starting off on your own, blogging is a common line of thought. You can either set up your own blog or send out guest posts to various blogs online. This is a time-consuming path that bears fruit in the long run, provided that you put in the hours for it. 

With most startups, an initial investment is imperative, which is in the form of purchasing your own blog website and a hosting domain. You can blog about invariably anything, be it travel, cooking, lifestyle, etc. Bloggers make up to $0.01 – $0.10 by each page view either through generating traffic or advertisements. This again is subject to the number of eyes you attract to your page by publicizing your blog and expanding its reach. But bear in mind that this is a long term prospect, and an average blog takes up to 3-5 years to fully establish before it starts to pay off. 



Freelancing is another great way to earn that extra cash. There are many sites like Upwork and Guru which hire writers to complete tasks like editing, proofreading, article writing, and you get paid per project. However, there are strict selection criteria prior to getting into the system. If you can sieve through the selection, you’re good to go! Just bear in mind that this a full-time job that requires you to put in the hours for it. 



Do you have that professional degree just lying around? Put it to use! Tutoring is an effective method of making money at home either by giving private lessons at home or virtually via the web. There are many tutoring agencies that hire teachers online to work for them and get paid by the hours they put in. You can either rally up some students for a private one on one session at home or resort to teaching through virtual assistance. Neither is more advantageous over the other. The only downside to this method is accountability in terms of results as well as the strict check and balance that comes with taking responsibility for someone’s education. 

5.Data Entry 


Did you know you can make money by simply putting those skillful fingers at work? Yes, data entry is a concept where you simply type in the information correctly in a time-sensitive way and get paid accordingly. Places like Craigslist or Upwork might be your way to go! Be aware of fraudulent companies that never fall through with what they promise. This is the reason why data entry jobs are so risky in terms of finding a genuine company. 

6.Social Media management 


All of us spend nearly half our days scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. What if you got paid for using social media? Yes, you heard me right. There are various fan pages across social media that require people to run them regularly and keep up with it’s posting schedules and maintain client contact. Places like Fiverr hire people to run different social accounts. This means you get to be a part of your favorite platform while getting paid but this also implies that any mistake you make can go viral too. It’s social media, after all!

7.Pet Care


Love pets? Got free time on your hands? Say no more. 

Pet sitting is a fun way of making money where you can attend to pets at your own home and get paid by pet owners hourly. Make sure you decide the charges prior to having the pet dropped at your place. But do not opt for this method if you are not certified as you can become prone to liabilities that go beyond the money you’ll make from it. 

8.Day Care


Just like pet sitting, daycare is a similar task where you tend to children and get paid according to the time you put in. The difference is, however, that you need proper certification from your state agencies in order to open your own daycare. There is an added advantage of doing this at home as all nearby areas can reach you easily, and the reliability of this service at home is unparalleled. 

Final Thoughts

Mentioned above are some of the ways that you can earn those bucks from the comfort of your own home. Every option is challenging yet rewarding in its own way. 

But despite that being said, there still isn’t anything as amusing yet profitable as Duelit. 

I mean, who would mind playing a 1-minute game in exchange for some cash?

Yes, precisely. Duelit operates on the foundation of mini-games, in which each session lasts for 1 minute. So while waiting in line at the grocery store, or in between shifts, you know what you can do while keeping your pocket happy. And there are no technicalities involved, so you don’t have to bother yourself with obtaining certifications of any sort. 

The only affirmation you need is a knack for gaming and a comfortable sofa, quite literally!