Online gambling is making itself a big name in the virtual world rapidly. The concept of online betting has taken away the traditional way of going outdoors, finding a bookie, and placing a bet. Now that you can place bets easily on your smartphone, making money has become even more convenient. Whether you are at home or in the office, the only thing you have to do to place a bet is, pick up your mobile phone. 

While all of this seems pretty interesting and trouble-free as your bets remain a top secret between you and your mobile, it does have some of its own risks. Online gambling can cause serious problems as traditional gambling can.

House wins

Most of these online gambling websites offer free-to-play versions of the games. You can play these games with pretend money and typically the odds of winning the game are in the favor of the player. Once you’ve won the game, you start to think of yourself as a damn big player and that you can win real money as well. When you enter the game with real money, the odds of winning shift towards the house and you take down the ladder back to your real place. Even if you win, it will always be short-term because the winner has to be the house.

Poker bots 

When you’re playing poker virtually, you’re playing against the online players, right? Wrong! You assume that they are online players because obviously you can’t see them but sometimes these players are poker bots. They are designed and trained to play with you and are very difficult to beat. Now you understand why you always lose.

Getting cheated on

This is the most common concern that people have while playing online. People claim the sites do not have proven to be reliable and have suffered losses, and for all the right reasons. Almost all of the betting websites are culpable of disappearing with the customer funds that should have been paid, not delivering the winnings, not paying withdrawals, or paying very late. This marks a stain on the online betting world that is not easily washable. These sites rip their customers off, scam them, and cheat them. While they should be making their living off entertainment and honesty, they are doing people wrong and the worst part is that they get away with it. 

Breaking the law

Countries that have gambling legalized are obviously safe but many other countries around the globe have their laws outdated or confused. There is very little risk of you getting in trouble for gambling online but the chances do exist. Even if you don’t get arrested and you probably won’t, but the site gets busted will mean that all your funds in the site are also gone. Which means you suffer a loss either way. It is better to stick with the sites that are operating within the legal jurisdictions. 


Theft of personal details 

It is very likely that gambling sites do not use the latest security or encryption technology to keep your information safe. Some sites are engaged in the kind of immoral behavior to sell your information or email address to companies that will spam you to death. On the other hand, the risk of getting sites hacked is always a possibility. Big companies like Amazon, Microsoft have been hacked, so you can imagine. 


When there are so many risks involved, the online betting junkies obviously need a solution to avoid all this and luckily, we just have the perfect one for you:


Amidst all the problems regarding the house wins and scams and frauds, Duelit is the only gaming app that serves the purpose of entertainment together with real cash winnings. The most important fact about the app is that it is an esports app. The app is designed to provide its users with the relishing experience by playing the games of their choice and take cash prizes to celebrate their victory. You can practice, challenge your friends, or enter tournaments. The best part about the structure of the app is that all of its games are exactly one minute long, so while you’re waiting in a line or for a friend, you can play any game of your choice anywhere you like. These games are the mini versions of all the popular games and are based on your skills entirely. So, like all the other gambling games that make you double knock on the wood for luck, here you can win the help of brains and some practice. 

The owners of the game have made the environment safe and secure, where all you do is have fun and that also in very little time and fill your pockets. There are no drags regarding house win because there is no house. No one needs to cheat as it is a platform that matches users and allows them to bet. The concept of scams and frauds does not exist here so you can play in a relaxing, laid-back way. The app is a healthy addiction, trust me. All you have to do is download the app for free, invite your friends, and play with your pocket change. The android users can now download the app from, and let the cash come.


Placing bets and winning is fun and exhilarating, however, the complications involved take the fun part away and at times get you behind the bars of stress and agitation. Duelit has made the experience of betting quick, easy, and fun. Users can polish their gaming skills through the app and show them off in a tournament in return for some crazy big rewards. So, what are you waiting for? Go download the app and get rich!