The 21st century will always be remembered for its tech revolution and digitalization. They engulf everything from household appliances to entertainment as they facilitate human life. The gaming industry is another field that was reshaped by this revolution since Gen Z and millennials both are heavy consumers of the said industry.

Games are usually for entertainment purposes, but what if we tell you that you can earn money as well while playing your favorite games? This prospect might even sound utopic for most people because of its various advantages and convenience.

Following are the few jobs that are best for gamers since they not only feed their interest but increase their wealth as well:

Earn quick cash with Duelit

Duelit is a social gaming platform that allows its users to earn money while playing their favorite games. It hosts mini versions of thousands of popular games where you can interact with other people and work on your social skills as well.


Earning money from Duelit isn’t too difficult if you have the skills and the brains to fight virtual enemies and complete missions. The most convenient feature of the Duelit app is that almost all its games are one-minute-long, which you can play whenever you are free.

You won’t have to be chair-bound for hours to earn just a few bucks by completing long, tedious tasks. These mini-games cannot be won by a fluke or a stroke of luck; you must have a keen insight about the concept of the game that you are playing to finish it in one go and earn your reward. 

As stated earlier, Duelit is a social game, which means you can invite your friends and family to play with you or against you by accepting challenges. Referrals can also add points to your account and allow you to grow your skill level and increase the number of offers coming in your emails. 

Gaming YouTuber

Everyone who uses the internet has access to Youtube and has used it at least once without giving it a second thought. According to statistics, 94% of the American population consumes Youtube content daily and considers it a major source of entertainment and information. 

The number of consumers and high traffic makes it one of the biggest platforms online. Almost 300 hours long video content is being uploaded on Youtube every minute, and around 5 billion people watch Youtube content in one day. 

Astonishing facts… aren’t they?


The immense popularity of YouTube makes it a perfect platform to earn money by uploading your videos. Know that the variety of content on Youtube is diverse, and you can try your luck in whatever genre that pleases you.

If you are good at music, then you can start by uploading covers of popular songs and later compose your music. Now, you might be wondering how gamers fit into this picture since they don’t know how to create games but only play it? 

Pro gamers are passionate about their hobby; however, time-consuming it maybe for them. They are always looking for new games to try and find loopholes in the concepts of whatever games they are playing. Moreover, player strategy to cross a specific difficult mission is always something valuable to other gamers.

If you are good at games, then you can start your own Youtube channel where you can play and review games in your videos. Make sure to upload videos regularly, or your viewers will lose their interest in your channel. Subscribers are important, but the number of views on your videos gets money in your coffers. 

Furthermore, if your Youtube channel gets a steady fanbase and recognition in the gaming community, then you might be able to bag endorsements from big brands as well as ads for your channel. Know that brand endorsement, and ads are difficult to come by, and you’ll have to work on your content diligently to upgrade your channel to be eligible for such opportunities. 

You can learn about how to start a Youtube channel and other technicalities that might come with the task here. 

Live Video Streaming

You might be wondering why we’ve listed “live video streaming” separately from the above option when Youtube already has a streaming option? Youtube introduced its streaming feature after the launch of live video streaming on other websites though they still didn’t replicate the feature entirely.


Most live video streaming websites not only allow you to connect with your audience in real-time via live stream but lets you collect funds from them as well. Most of them connect their PayPal accounts on their streaming accounts so that people can send them money if they complete their mission. 

Pro gamers are likely to earn more since the probability of them finishing their missions and tasks is high. Check out the live video streaming website recommendations below:


Twitch is an Amazon subsidiary that got launched in 2011 and earned recognition in the gaming community steadily. As people became aware of the online means of earning, Twitch got the limelight that it deserved at its launch. 


Whenever people talk about live video streaming, Twitch is the first option that pops in their head. It’s easy to set up, convenient to use and brings in money for its users efficiently. 


If Twitch is the ace of the live video streaming, then Ustream can be easily pegged as the second most powerful in the deck. It has the same features as Twitch with a friendly user interface and easy to understand the setup.


If you can’t join Twitch due to any reason, then Ustream is the second-best option for you to stream your games online and earn money.

Twitch and Ustream are the most suitable platforms for gamers as they have the split-screen feature. Your audience can see you play as well as your game on their screen side by side and learn from your game strategy. Moreover, the comment section lets you interact with your viewers, which helps you build a community under your name. 

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