In recent years, many casinos have been closing their doors in Las Vegas. Many factors have contributed to these closures, including gaming reforms in the state of Nevada and increased competition from casinos in nearby states. The only casino left in the downtown area is El Cortez.

The city has seen many changes in recent years. These changes include, but are not limited to, new residents, new tech companies that have moved into the area, and new tourists in the city. The new tech companies have made the city competitive in the tech industry. The new residents have put pressure on the city trying to find jobs for people. The city has also seen new residents in the tech industry.

Today we’ll introduce you, and pay our respects to the closed casinos of Las Vegas. The closure years are taken from easy vegas.

Most Recent Closure: Hard Rock

Sin City is about to lose one of its most famous casinos. In 2020, Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas will close its doors permanently. The casino will close because the hotel is set to close. The hotel is set to close because it is not profitable. Many people have a lot of memories tied up in this casino.

For many, this casino is a symbol of the city’s atmosphere. Not only has this casino changed the skyline of the city, but it has also impacted the people of Las Vegas. Another sad reality is how this casino is going to impact the small businesses in town, as well as their employees as many of them, who work as dealers and do other service-oriented jobs for this casino.

Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas was made in 1995 and there were many different aspects of the casino that made it one of the best. Some of these aspects are the 24-hour buffet, 24-hour dining, 24-hour free parking.

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Las Vegas Casino Closures #2 Lucky Dragon

Lucky Dragon Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada closed in 2018 after a new owner decided not to reopen the casino. This Las Vegas casino was the second casino in the city to close its doors in 2018, and it left much of the city’s tourist industry in a state of uncertainty.

After the decision was made to shut down Lucky Dragon Casino, many staff members left the casino stating that they were unsure what they would be doing next. Fewer tourists are shopping the stores, restaurants, and attractions that are down the street from Lucky Dragon.

The casino, which is just far enough away from the Strip to not attract too much traffic, had plenty to offer with 2,000 slot machines, 75 table games, and 10 poker tables. It also had a nice restaurant on site.

Las Vegas Casino Closures #3 Westin

Westin’s casino, Max, closed in 2017. The casino had more than 500 slot machines and 30 screens. The hotel continues to operate.

There are screens around the pool and around the property giving more guests the option to play. The hotel has the same convention rooms the casino had, which provided great function opportunities for events. Guests can also enjoy the relaxation of the pool now.

The Marriott hotel next door to the Westin has a casino and there are plenty of other casinos in the area for guests and visitors to enjoy.

Las Vegas Casino Closures #3 Mermaids

In 2016, Mermaids Casino and Glitter Gulch strip club closed their doors close down after January 1st. The next day, there were no more flashing neon lights or scantily clad people on the corner of Carson and Bridgers Street. According to The Las Vegas Review-Journal, all that remains is a vacant lot where the two iconic establishments once stood.

Edward P opened Mermaids Casino in 1969. Hassert. He had worked at Tropicana before deciding to open the casino which took over the space of the Tropicana Bowling Alley.

Mermaids Casino offered table games, a buffet, and slots, but other casino-hotel properties in the area offer similar amenities. The casino was one of the first to grant self-contained casino floors for smoking to allow gamblers to indulge their habit without impacting others.

Mermaids Casino closed its doors in 2016 because it could not compete with neighboring casino-hotel properties. Mermaids Casino offered table games, a buffet, and slots, but other casino-hotel properties in the area offer similar amenities.

Las Vegas Casino Closures #4 Las Vegas Club

On January 26, 2015, Las Vegas Club closed its doors for the last time. Contrary to popular belief, the closure of the Las Vegas Club wasn’t because of lack of business or financial instability. Instead, the closure of the Las Vegas Club was due to the expiration of the lease. The Las Vegas Club was unable to come to an agreement with the landlord that would allow them to stay open.

The Las Vegas Club had been open since 1952, and had been known for its poker room which had been the first legal poker room in Las Vegas. The poker room at the Las Vegas Club had been considered one of the best in the world and was an important part of the Magic City for decades.

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