In the emerging world today, everything is a click of a button away. People have access to far and wide places and commodities without having to move an inch. And during all that hustle and bustle, everyone wants a little pick-me-up now and then. The most coveted recreation to date is gambling. People enjoy the pleasure of the luxurious ambiance, the crowd, and, most importantly, the adrenaline rush associated with risk-taking and placing higher and higher bets. 

This might sound plausible to you, but there is much more background to it than just the pleasure it offers. Casinos have a well-thought strategy behind their establishment that goes beyond just bets and atmosphere. It all affects our brains in such a way that it becomes difficult and sometimes impossible to reduce exposure. This is where addiction kicks in. 

According to a source, casinos design themselves to beat our rational thinking and forces us to make impulsive decisions against our own will. People end up spending tons of more money than they originally planned and enter a vicious circle where they will give up anything and everything to relive that gambling experience. 

Today we will discuss some of the strategies casinos apply that keep people hooked to them.

1. There’s no real cash insight. 


When it comes to gambling, they don’t let you contend with real money. They replace it with small discs that are representative of the allotted cash. This makes it easier for players to place bigger bets, and even the lost money doesn’t feel that harsh. Nowadays, it is digitalized in a way that cash is converted into a card that you can swipe in digital games that lessens the illusion of spending actual money. 

2.No Clocks to keep time in check 


Now, this is a bright scheme because, as the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind.”

The casino masters monetize this strategy to trick players into losing track of time—especially where there is money involved. The more time you spend playing, the better. And because people are so invested in the game, they often forget to check their phone or watch. Because the casino has no clocks in sight, this pans out well in favor of the company. 

3. Drinks are on the house 


Casinos are most commonly associated with drinking as it’s the most sought-after pursuit. Alcohol serves as a medium that fogs one’s rational thinking. The person is prone to make impulsive decisions when their mind isn’t working right. Plus, who doesn’t like free drinks? The catch here is that the drinks are served over the ice and delivered at the table where the players are. 

4.Labyrinthine Layout 


Casino masters are smart when it comes to designing an appropriate layout. What distinguishes a casino from any other elaborate infrastructure is the maze-like layout they plan it with. You will not find straight aisles with exit signs on them or direct pathways from one section to the next. The intricate design becomes eye-catching and diverts any attention elsewhere, which might deviate you from the main point. 

5.Free boarding and lodging 


The best way to ground someone is to give them a place to stay. Casino owners often offer a free stay and complimentary meals if they spend a certain amount of cash in their club. This exponentially increases the chances of those people to return for gambling the next morning after they have rested enough and enjoyed a thorough experience. 

6.A restricted view of the outside 


Mind play is one pivotal tactic that is employed to focus people on only one aim: gamble. When there is no outside view, it is naturally hard to tell what time of the day. Casinos are kept windowless or tainted to impede any light from entering. And they keep the environment bright and vibrant to avoid any distractions and keep the players alert and awake. 

So Whats the Solution?

With all the listed tricks and strategies employed by casino owners, it becomes evident how gambling emerges from mere entertainment to a bad addiction. Over time your mind starts to play tricks on you think it is feasible to splurge so much money to gain the same experience repeatedly. However, other ways of making money that does not rely on mind games keep the user hooked. 

Duelit is an e-tournament app designed to enable its user to make real money without having to go anywhere, let alone be grounded at its hands. It has various games all timed at one-minute mini sessions to ensure maximum efficacy while maintaining momentum. It provides the option of inviting your friends for a one-on-one tournament to enhance the gaming experience. All games are skill-based, which relies more on your tactic rather than mere luck for victory. The players are required to give their account details at the time of sign-up, so whatever cash the player wins, they instantly get transferred to their account. 

Hence, to guard yourself against these addictions, it is viable to switch to Duelit as a safer yet pleasurable alternative. It makes no use of these casino methods but still allows you to make money. So, at the end of the day, you have something to look forward to without having any fear of it becoming a liability or disadvantageous of any sort. Duelit is free to download on Android via and on iOS through the App Store.

The next time you have some free time on your hands, you can always gear up for a session either alone or with your friends and earn some pocket cash alongside.

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