It’s no surprise that money is a basic commodity. You need to buy everything essential for a living. No matter how much you earn, you’ll always be on the lookout for better-earning opportunities to improve your lifestyle. There’s always a new gadget in the market that you can’t afford, but desire or a collectible item that you want but can’t have because of insufficient finances. 

The world economy is on the rise since more and more people are trying their luck at entrepreneurship. But the stagnant wages provide little relief to commoners; therefore, they look for alternative ways to make money on the side. 

We have compiled a list of some of the most fun ways to make money for your convenience. Scroll down to read it.


Duelit is a social networking platform that connects people through their love for gaming. It hosts mini versions of several high-profile and popular games which you can play from the comfort of your house. 

Imagine earning money by having fun and doing something you enjoy. The idea might seem like a dream, but Duelit has turned it into a reality by letting you utilize your gaming skills to earn money. If you are a self-proclaimed gamer with strategic intellect, then you can earn plenty by playing your favorite games.

As stated earlier, Duelit is a social platform where you can invite people to play with you or against you through a referral link. You can earn money by betting on your gaming skills in e-sport games.

Listen to Earn

This might seem odd more than fun, but you can earn money by listening to music. Convenient, isn’t it? 


Music lovers will love this since they get to enjoy and review music from different artists and get paid for every review. Initially, you might find it challenging to build your reputation as a credible critique, but your work will gradually help you to build an impressive profile.

The concept behind such music reviewing sites is simple; the better you review is, the more you’ll earn. 

Stream your Gameplay 

If you thought Duelit was fun and convenient, then you’ll love this earning option as well. All you need to do is register on a video streaming site like “Twitch” and stream your gameplay to an eager audience. Gamers and gaming enthusiasts love to see other players’ gameplay to improve their gaming skills as well as work on their game strategies.


The number of streamers and comments builds your gaming profile and keeps you in trending. People can ask you to do specific things for a certain amount, and after task completion, you’ll get your reward. Live video streaming isn’t exclusive to gamers. You can stream your other talents as well if you have any. 

Review Items/Shows/Movies

Many won’t consider writing or recording reviews fun if the item or show they are reviewing isn’t interesting. You can find sites, blogs, and social media handlers that will pay you to review their content and brand.


How many gigs you secure is directly based on how credible and reliable your words are in your reviews. If your reviews and recommendations lack impact and influence, then no one will hire you to write a review for their site. 

Start a Youtube Channel

Starting a Youtube channel is easy and fun, but you can earn from it only when you provide your audience with interesting content. Moreover, the number of subscribers on your channel and view count on each of your videos determine your monthly earnings. 


You can gain subscribers and increase views on videos by categorizing your channel as well as videos. For instance, if you are good at cooking, then start a cooking Youtube channel, but there are already too many of them, so what makes yours any different? Your channel needs to have an X-factor to be popular among the audience. 

Try making videos using an odd combination of ingredients or use only one or two ingredients for cooking if you want to be different than any cooking Youtube channels. You can play with ideas and go with whatever suits you. 

Become a Dog Walker

If you love long walks and dogs, then this side hustle is perfect for you. People who own dogs but are too busy with work to walk them hire others to cater to their pet’s needs. All you need to do is find such people online or around you and viola you have a fun way to make money! 


Sell your Class Notes

If you are a student looking to make money, then you can try selling your class notes online. There are sites where people will pay you to lend them your class notes. Some might even go as far as asking you for your assignments and class presentations in exchange for money. 


Become a Personal Shopper 

Just like some people don’t have time to walk their dogs, some can’t shop for themselves because of work or other engagements. Most people who hire personal shoppers are celebrities, business tycoons, politicians, and other prominent figures, etc. 


If you love shopping and have apt knowledge about brands, then this could be your dream job! 


Every job, even when it is the most fun involves a high level of responsibility. But if you are not comfortable with a new commitment or time-consuming job, then we have the right option for you to make some money. Among all the money-making ways that we’ve listed above, Duelit is the most convenient and fun option. You will be literally paid to play games and have fun, what else do you need?