With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, avid gambling enthusiasts are being forced to resort to online gambling as the only means of partaking in their favorite pastime. While this online format allows them to reconnect with the world of gambling once more, many say that it does not measure up to the actual offline experience. Well, let us settle this debate once and for all!

Online vs. Offline Gambling – Who Stands as the Winner?

This tussle between the online and offline gambling world has existed for ages, and it is only just increasing. Let us compare the two to see which really trumps the other.

Offline Gambling

The Pros 

There’s no experience like an in-person experience, and the same holds for gambling. Not only does offline gambling give you the opportunity to revel in the atmosphere of a real-life casino, but the social experience is pretty much unmatched. And if you’re lucky, you might just strike up a few good friendships within the gambling circle! 

That’s not all; offline gambling also entails significantly lesser paperwork as casinos are less bothered with running a background check before allowing players to play. And not to forget, offline gambling brings with it the golden opportunity of securing a high payout. What with no limits on the amount to be bet, you might just end up winning big gold!

The Cons

The greatest con that offline gambling poses is restrictions on accessibility. Not only does this pertain to the locations in which casinos are located, but then these casinos also do not have proper wheelchair access, for instance. 

Moreover, offline gambling presents the player with limited game variety as casinos are subject to space constraints. This might prove tedious for individuals who like to have a lot of choice on their hands.

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Online Gambling

The Pros

If you’ve ever thought of trying your luck at winning big cash from the comfort of your homes, then online gambling is the one for you. Not only is it convenient – you can play in your pyjamas! – but it is also inclusive in that it allows the less bodily-abled to participate as well.

Online gambling is also cheaper since there is no travelling cost required and none of those ridiculously overpriced snacks and drinks. So, instead of dishing out money, you’ll be raking it in. 

The benefits of online gambling don’t end there as these platforms also give users a wide array of games to choose from, effectively presenting them with greater variety. Also, for those who suffer from respiratory-related health issues, online gambling gives them the opportunity of enjoying their game without the hazard of an overly smoke-filled room. 

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The Cons

Of course, no great thing is without a downside, and the same holds for online gambling. Despite its many givings, it is not without the occasional flaw, where top of the list is the more restrictive nature that the game takes on. From betting limits to algorithms that curtail your number of wins, technology interferes in the gambling process. 

Also, online gambling is not without the sacrifice of a colourful social experience as it takes away the opportunity and setting for meeting people with similar interests and building a place in the gambling crowd.

The Verdict

So, it all comes down to the main question: online or offline gambling, who takes the crown? While both these versions pack in multiple pros and cons, it is clear that the online experience is the superior one. Not only does it allow inclusivity, but its convenience is a perfect match for today’s hectic world. 

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Duelit – Betting Like Never Before

But hold on, what’s this? Is there an online gaming platform that surpasses the wonders of online gambling? Introducing Duelit, the number one online gaming company that allows players to make money as they sit at home. 

Duelit is the perfect pastime activity as it combines your love of games with the need to earn money during these difficult times. The best part about Duelit is that it not gambling, but an esports platform which allows users to play games that they are skilled at, enter into tournaments and win money. 

In fact, if we were to compare Duelit with online gambling, the former would definitely come out on top. Simply put, Duelit carries its own benefits while effectively eliminating the disadvantages of online gambling. Duelit games hold lesser restrictions, and as there are so many to choose from, you are sure to find one that suits your fancy!