The entertainment industry has seen the popularity of skill-based games, also known as skill-based esports, go upwards in recent years. Skill-based gaming is one way for people to still enjoy the same excitement and thrill of gambling, without having to be concerned with that pesky addiction. Skill-based gaming provides a way for people to exercise their skills and can give them a sense of release that is non-addictive. Some, but not all, skill-based gaming companies offer their services in the form of a free-to-play game. This means they are accessible to a wider audience and allows people to access the game before deciding whether or not they want to pay for services. This is one of many reasons why you should spend money on skill gaming instead of gambling.

skill gaming is not addictive like gambling

Gambling and Skill Gaming. Skill Gaming is not Addiction.

Gambling is not a skill. It relies on luck and chance, not skill. And gambling is generally illegal in most countries because it’s considered to be a form of entertainment that exploits people’s weaknesses and can lead to addiction. 

Skill Gaming, on the other hand, relies on skills like memory, strategy, and problem-solving. Skill Gaming has been around for years – from board games like Scrabble and Monopoly to card games like Poker and Bridge. But with the rise of the Internet, Skill Gaming has become more popular than ever before with the arrival of new platforms like QuizUp.

Skill gamers are already addicted to the game and they know winning is just a matter of time when playing skill at the correct pace is learned, they won’t be excited just because they have had a good result. Also, some other games are like this but they become addicted after just a few wins but in Skill Games, because of the long-term strategy that goes into each game, it is possible to control yourself and entertain yourself without the addiction.

However, like with any other skill, it should be played at certain levels to be able to have fun and be proficient in doing things correctly. If you don’t have the ability to learn skills and you just know how to do it, that is because you don’t have the patience to learn how to do it. You can learn all of this in the simplest terms if you have time, then go online and do what you have learned. When you have all of these skills then you are ready to risk your money with increased chances of winning.

skill gaming is not an addiction

Skill Gaming Gives You Opportunities to Learn How to Play and Make Profit.

When the term “skill gaming” is used or misused, people usually think about the online gambling industry, where people have the opportunity to earn money by guessing correctly about the outcome of game outcomes. Yet in skill gaming, the chance is kept at a minimum to none.

There are many people who are trying out this kind of pocket money earning strategy, but unfortunately, many of them suffer from the disadvantage of getting frustrated quickly, and it’s because of their lack of skill. Gambling is not good because it is very hard to guess the outcome of the game accurately. Although there is a strong chance of failure and you can rarely get your whole bankroll back, but when you play skill games, you have to be very determined and focus on it until you succeed. Then you start to bet on yourself and earn money. Until then, you need to practice.

The skill gaming industry is very profitable. You get to learn how to properly use your brain, how to develop an analytical mind, how to make intelligent decisions in life, and how to handle the stress of gambling. When you are a skilled gamer then you’ll be able to win large amounts of money.

My main concern when discussing with parents is that they feel like when you get into a Gambling scene you continue to play even if you lose more than you can afford. That’s really not the case for skill-gaming! In a skill game, you can build up in skill and then play.

a skill gamer

You Can Develop Your Skill by Improving Previous Performance.

Here are several different Skill Game Strategies you can use in your Skill Games

1) Practice: You need to practice as much as possible before you enter the skill games. You can practice by performing some other part of the skill game until it becomes automatic.

2) Be sure you understand the rules: This makes it easier on the first attempt. I use a small word list that is used around the house. This list is also used in casinos and online forums. I will also have you put in your favorite phrases that you want to use in the skill games. These words can be used for various situations you might face and they are also used in all the skill games.

3) Find good opponents to sharpen your skills. Yes, at first you can lose a couple of matches, but in the long run, you will be better off for it. Just like any investment, you can’t make money unless you spend money. 

For all the above reasons I quit gambling when I found Duelit. It consists of a lot of games that I have already played and mastered as a candy smasher or a freekick master. Now I bet with juicy odds in my favor.

Duelit, skill based gaming platform