Would you believe us if we said that there are a plethora of jobs that you can do without worrying yourself? A job that has a pleasant environment, and you can cash out a good cheque at the end of the month, and you still have sanity by then. 

It sounds too good to be true. You must be thinking: a stress-free job? Book me up!

As we know that no matter how hard you work at some jobs, and the amount of stress you put, at the end of the day, you would still be earning peanuts. Your earning can not multiply magically with stress. So, why do a job where all you have to do is worry? When you can actually do a simple, stress-free job that you actually love doing. There are many jobs that give you amazing benefits without a burnt wallet when the month ends. 

To be able to get a low-stress job, it comes down to many factors. This includes good education, high-qualifications, talent, and of course, your employer. 

Usually, a job that has high demand is high paying, and they require the best people for the work, that is why you need to be perfect in your field of expertise. On the other side, there are jobs that are low stress and have average pay. These are most suitable for self-taught experts or students. 

More about low-stress, high-paying jobs: 

So, are you wondering what these jobs are even like? These jobs are those with a little above average salary than other jobs in the market. To be precise, an employee gets to enjoy the pleasure of work-life balance and can spend like on themselves, too, without worrying themselves, too much. Who would not want to enjoy their life and earn money all at once? Are you wondering if it is so easy, why isn’t everyone doing it? 

Well, the answer is, not everyone can do everything. There are only a handful of such jobs, and the only stress-full part about them is to get them. 

So, for all your education, years of work experience, you might get a hit with your favorite corporate or another work-place where you would actually settle down and do you think just the way you want to do it. 

But what can someone do who does not have a degree yet, but would really love to have a good work without stress and manage life as well, and also save up some pocket money for themselves? Well, not to worry if you are on that boat because soon, we are going to tell you about jobs that you can actually have fun doing and don’t even need a degree for. 

While it is true that most jobs do have a certain level of stress and career pressure, but you don’t have to worry about that. Because if you are good at what you need to do, then why worry about competition? On the other side, there are jobs where you don’t really have an employer, so you can be your own boss and set deadlines according to how you want them to be. 

Career pressure only arises when you take up a job, you know you won’t be able to manage. So, it is better that you start making wise choices and just not follow the crowd, but actually create your own identity. 

Jobs that offer low-stress come with limited responsibilities and need highly-skilled people who can focus on one task at a time.

A great example is of those who earn with gamings. There are many games on the market that you can play online and actually earn from it! Video games such as  Duelit are where you can play with other competitors and win actual money when you win. You can showcase your gaming skills, play whenever you want, where ever you want, and whichever game you prefer for as long as you wish, and what do you get in return? Cash! Actual, real-life cash! Yes, you can actually buy whatever you want to with it rather than just some more stuff from the virtual world.

Here are some requirements you might need to score a good, stress-free job: 

Following is a list of reasons that are responsible for the rise of low-stress jobs. We would also talk about why these are sought in comparison with other stressful job options. Know that these are not 100% essential to get a job; however, they do play a vital role in getting your dream job and helping you fill up your banks, the legal way. 

What is your qualification?

Without a doubt, an education degree is like your free ticket to walk into a stress-free job. It is a necessity in many cases. However, in certain cases, you can really skip this part and achieve things without having an educational qualification. When you study, make sure you take hold of certificates to pursue your dream job. This also helps you to grow in your field of choice spontaneously. 

Are you talented? 

To be a talented individual is very rare; this single trait can help you go a long way if you know how to use it right. With talent, quick learning ability, keeping up with ranks, you will get endless success and eventually reach a higher position that you might not even have thought of. With high talent, it is likely that you might even get higher offers like investments and a possible share of the business. You never know! Never stop dreaming big. 

Let’s check your expertise:

Your experience can be directly proportional to what you make at the end of the month. Let’s suppose you have been playing Duelit for only a few weeks, and you are wondering why aren’t you earning enough, well the answer is, you don’t have enough experience. You haven’t faced all the hardships to become an expert. Once you stay consistent and keep your head in the game, you will soon become an expert. And you never know, you might even make more than those who have been playing longer than you, but you would have the right strategies because you are a devoted player. 

What does the job description say?

Well, a crucial side of getting your dream job is to really know what the job description of the joining letter you received says. Think of it this way; if you are a doctor, your responsibilities would be less than of a nurse’s stressful job that he/she would be doing for a longer time. You would probably get much more on the pay rate scale than them, that too for a less amount of work and stress. 

Now that we know what you require to land on that stress-free job, we are going to look at something more important! And this is what you have been waiting for. Following is a list of jobs that you can apply to work stress-free and live a better and balanced life! So read on and find out what the market has to offer you: 

Jobs that offer a stress-free environment

In this awaited section, we have compiled a mix of jobs that you can get with respect to your levels of skills, experience, passion, your will to work, and other things to help you determine whether or not the job is the perfect road to career or not. 


Yes! It is a real job, and all you need for this one is skills and passion. Around the globe, just like any other sports such as football or cricket, even many people enjoy video games. Many tournaments are held, you can join them, play with teams, or individually and gain higher status and rewards. Duelit is also a gaming platform where you can play for as less than a minute and earn money. 

The thing about this career is that you need to be an avid learner and always available for challenges. There is no competition in the market; each player plays on their own and has their own identity. It is probably the most fun way to earn money and not even stress-out about it. The job is flexible, and you can choose to do it just according to your preference. 

Computer Hardware Engineer

In this fast-paced, digitized world, technological advances are increasing day after day, which is leading to the demand for a computer hardware engineer and an amusing rate annually. All software companies offer jobs in the hardware section too. This also includes manufacturing and electronic section as well. Computer hardware engineers are needed to help the company in researching and developing brand new products. 

A computer hardware engineer’s prime duty is to build fresh schematics for computerized equipment, alongside analysis of the equipment that already exists. They make changes where necessary to make the newer version better. They can also be asked for supervisory of different processes inside the manufacturing of the hardware company.

Due to the technicalities, this job is a very high paying one. It requires great skills, understanding, and knowledge of the digital world. All computer engineers are required to train and learn the development of the latest hardware and software to keep building new equipment that works more efficiently. A degree in electrical or computer engineering can help you secure a great position in this job.

Photographer (Freelance) 

Everyone loves to take pictures, whether it is person portraits, or pictures of friends, of nature, your pets, babies, old buildings, or honestly anything! Imagine getting paid for something, like taking pictures! It’s a great deal. However, it is a misconception that anyone can take pictures. It is not true as you need years of practice and learning to get these perfect shots when you are working as a professional. 

Freelancer photography is a great way to start on your own. You don’t have to worry about anyone bossing you around as you can be your own boss. 

But, obviously, you cannot go out and yell “cheese” at strangers, take a picture and demand them for money. They need to combine their creative and artistic side to bring out some masterpieces. 

As a freelancer, you can find unique landscapes and unique people to take pictures of, you can then sell these pictures to create digital assets, and you can sell them. This job, even though is a high-paying one, it is likely that you would need to invest in some quality cameras and other photography software and types of equipment to give you that perfect pitch starting into your career. So, make sure to do little savings, because you can’t just start with empty pockets. 

Freelancer photographers are also required by many events and businesses to take amazing pictures so that they can use them later. You need to polish your skills up before you go out seeking projects. Remember to always be eager to learn, and you will go a long way. You don’t need a specific educational background for this one; all you need is a good level of practice and the right skills. 

Food technologist

Did we hear food?! Yes! That is correct. 

A food technologist is responsible for research and analysis of any food products to help to improve the taste, advanced preservation for distribution and storage. So, next time you try out something new in the market, know that there is a food technologist out there who made your good experience possible.

If you are a food lover and want to make everyone’s food experience better, then this is the right job for you, all you need is a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Research or something close to that which will get you on the job, hopefully. 

Although this may seem like a tough job, most food industries have pleasant working conditions, and that’s why the work is satisfactory and less stressful.

Massage Therapist 

As good as it sounds, massage therapists work in a pleasant working environment. 

A massage therapist can choose to work with a spa, make their own spa, or even work as a freelancer. These options make the job very flexible and stress-free.

As a massage therapist, you need to understand the physical property of a human body. This way, you can provide them with a healing touch to make them feel better. A degree in massage therapy is required to be a therapist, as it is a job that has close relations to medical procedures, and people would trust more a person who has the right skills. 


Audiologists all around the globe enjoy a very stress-free work environment thanks to the type of job they have. An audiologist has to greet patients and talk about their symptoms, which they might have in relation to any hearing disorders. If you have any ear issues, an audiologist is who you need to get in touch with.

The field of medicine is very complicated. However, the nature of work on an audiologist is relatively easy due to the availability of technological equipment at their work-place. An audiologist tried to determine the cause of the problem and tried to explain it to the patient in the best way possible. 

If you are a medical enthusiast but aren’t really looking for a stressful job, then audiology is what you must be looking forward to working in as you only have to focus on one part of the body, rather than many of them. All you need for this job is a doctoral degree in audiology, and you are all ready to do that job search.


Everyone worries about healthy eating habits and a good lifestyle. A dietician is someone that makes that possible for you. Their work revolves around diets. A dietitian explains nutritional values to their patients so that they can lead a Better lifestyle. 

If you are a health freak and also enjoy helping out others lead a fit life, then this is the right job for you. All you need to do is to take people out of the negative influence. A dietitian is a learned individual who knows and understands another person’s body and assigns them a meal plan that is best for their health.

A dietitian can be required for many reasons, just not because of being overweight. Some people need to take care of their diets because they have diabetes or heart disease. You would require an Honors Degree in Dietetics or Bachelor’s Degree in Science to become a dietitian. It is a great place to start a stress-free career by making other people’s life easier. 

To conclude:

All the jobs that we mentioned and many more are out there to give you a stress-free environment. However, you need to pick a job that you really want to do. A job done without passion, no matter how easy, would not be possible to carry on. You would soon get bored, and even a good paycheck would not keep you motivated.

Take your time to decide which job fits all areas of your liking, passion, education, and everything else. We wish you a promising and prosperous career. Stay patient and choose wisely.