eSports has quickly become one of the fastest-growing industries in recent years. In fact, it has become so popular that some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry are now lending their support to this rapidly expanding sector. Whether they are investing, sponsoring teams, or creating their own leagues, these big names are pushing eSports into the mainstream. This article will take a closer look at who is supporting eSports and how they are making an impact on the industry.

eSports Overview

Electronic sports, commonly known as eSports, is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. The competitive video gaming industry has come a long way over the years, with millions of people watching live streams and attending tournaments. In recent years, eSports has become more mainstream and attracted the attention of some big names in business and entertainment.

Who’s Involved?

One such company that supports eSports is Red Bull. The energy drink maker has sponsored many tournaments over the years and even created its own series called Red Bull Gaming Sphere. This program offers gamers access to state-of-the-art equipment as well as training from experts in various games.

Coca-Cola Company is also another supporter of the eSports phenomenon. The company entered into a partnership with Riot Games in 2014 to support the League of Legends World Championship series. The soft-drink giant also sponsors other large-scale events like Dota 2’s The International tournament which features a grand prize pool worth millions of dollars each year. Thus these companies are providing significant support to help grow this exciting industry further while improving their brand image amongst younger audiences at scale!

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Celebrities Supporting eSports

eSports has been gaining popularity over the years, and it’s not only gamers who are taking notice. Celebrities have also started showing their support for eSports by investing in teams, sponsoring tournaments, and even attending events. One of the biggest names to get involved in eSports is Michael Jordan. In 2018, he invested in aXiomatic Gaming, which owns Team Liquid – one of the most successful eSports organizations.

Another celebrity who has thrown his support behind eSports is Drake. The rapper has invested in 100 Thieves, an organization that competes in various games such as League of Legends and Fortnite. He also frequently streams himself playing video games on Twitch and has even played against popular streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins.

Finally, Will Smith’s production company Westbrook Media recently announced a new docuseries called “This Is Your House,” which will follow the journey of three professional gamers who compete under the banner of Gen.G esports. The series will give fans an inside look at the world of competitive gaming and highlight some of the challenges faced by professional players. With more celebrities getting involved with eSports every year, it seems like this industry is only going to continue growing!

Celebrities Supporting eSports

Corporations Investing in eSports

In recent years, corporations have recognized the potential of esports as a lucrative investment opportunity. Companies such as Intel, and Toyota have all made significant investments in the industry by sponsoring teams or hosting events.

Intel has been supporting esports since 2006 and is known for providing gaming hardware for major tournaments around the globe. In addition to this, Intel also launched its own competitive gaming league called Intel Extreme Masters (IEM). The league has become one of the most prestigious esports tournaments globally and features top players from various games.

Toyota is another big name investing in esports through its luxury car brand Lexus. The company sponsors global events such as DreamHack and works with popular streamers to create content that promotes its brand among younger audiences who are interested in gaming culture. As more corporations realize the potential benefits of investing in esports, it’s likely that we’ll see even more companies entering this space over time.

Corporations Investing in eSports

Professional Athletes Getting Involved

Over the past several years, professional athletes have increasingly become involved in eSports. This trend has been particularly evident among basketball players who have invested in or signed endorsement deals with various gaming companies. For example, Shaquille O’Neal partnered with NRG Esports and became a co-owner of the team, while Jeremy Lin signed an endorsement deal with gaming accessory company JBL.

However, basketball isn’t the only sport with professional athletes getting involved in eSports. In fact, soccer players such as Neymar Jr., Gerard Piqué, and Sergio Aguero are also known for their involvement in eSports. Neymar Jr., for instance, is an ambassador for the Brazilian eSports organization “FURIA”, while Gerard Piqué founded his own e-football league called “eFootball Pro”. Meanwhile, Sergio Aguero is both a player and streamer on Twitch.

The partnership between Fernando Alonso and Duelit, the skill-gaming platform, has been a huge success. Alonso’s reputation as one of the best drivers in Formula 1 cannot be overstated. His skills on the track are legendary, and his strategic approach to racing is second to none. By partnering with Duelit, he was able to bring those same skills to a completely different arena – online gaming. The collaboration between Alonso and Duelit brought together two worlds that might seem completely different at first glance: sports and gaming. However, both share similar values such as competitiveness, dedication, and passion for excellence.

The involvement of these high-profile athletes has helped bring more attention to eSports and its growth potential. Additionally, it has provided opportunities for professional athletes to diversify their investments outside of traditional sports industries. As such, we can expect more prominent names from different sports to continue getting involved in the world of competitive gaming moving forward.