People do all sorts of things to keep themselves entertained when they are bored. There are not many things that you can do to ward off your boredom without hurting yourself. For instance, binge-eating is a common consequence of being bored, which leads to weight gain. 

Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a list of things you can do at home when you are bored:



It is hard to steer clear of mobile games in the 21st century, especially when you have your mobile with you 24/7. Angry Birds, Candy Crush, and a few other popular mobile games are some of the most addictive games our generation has witnessed, but all of them lack productivity. They kept players occupied at the expense of their time and efforts and only gave them pleasure in return. 

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Learn something new


People have plenty of free time in their hands when they are bored. If that is the case with you, then you can try learning a new skill or polish your hidden talents during your free time. If you are fond of traveling, then learning new languages might be helpful for your future adventures. Interested in cooking? Try mastering the taste of a specific cuisine and gradually branch out to new cuisines. 

Once you decide that you want to learn something new in your free time, then you will have plenty of options to explore from art to technology. 

Pick up a new hobby


You might already have a hobby that you enjoy doing in your free time, but when boredom hits you, then sometimes even your favorite pastime cannot keep you entertained. What should you do then? Pick up a new hobby for yourself, of course! Things like adult coloring books are proving to be relaxing for some people, while kickboxing is helping others to cool off. 

Binge-watch TV shows 


We have all heard of the phrase, “Netflix and chill,” and that is what most people do on weekends and holidays. Therefore, the best way to get out of your dull slump is to binge-watch a trending TV show or series. The more seasons, the better!

Clean your room/house


You can clean your room and house, do your laundry, and other household chores when you are bored. You will be surprised how productive your cleaning spree can be when you are done with it. This suggestion is not for lazy people that don’t like doing household chores. 

Plan for your future 


Many people spend hours daydreaming about their future that helps them pass their time, but the action is fruitless and won’t contribute to your future. Buy a journal or download an app to write down your plans chronologically and chart the best possible route to achieve your goals. 

Once you have everything in written form, you’ll know how to work for your future goals. 

DIY your daily tasks 


We have been so accustomed to hiring help that we don’t even think about going DIY anymore. Picking up DIY is different than changing a fused bulb or fixing a grinder. Moreover, you can create some amazing things by following online tutorials if you are good at crafting. 

Work on your body


You can make the most out of your boredom by keeping your body in shape. If you are not a fan of exercising, then try short workout routines to keep yourself occupied. Eventually, your body will get accustomed to these short workout routines allowing you to move on to some intense workout routines. 

Read books

Book lovers don’t even dwell on the possibility of doing anything else besides reading during their free time. Try reading series instead of a stand-alone book to keep yourself engaged for days. It becomes easier to develop an interest in a book when it’s a series.

Solve crosswords or puzzles 

You can download crossword apps or buy puzzles to keep yourself busy and entertained. Most people who have “problem-solving” skills opt for such activities to keep their brain fed and their retention skills intact. 

Try your hand at gardening 


If you love nature, then picking up gardening as a pastime should be relieving for you. It might seem easy, but gardening entails much more than just taking care of your garden. You’ll have to learn about different plant species and their needs as well as when and how to plant them for better results.

Online window shopping 


If you’ve ever been to a shopping spree, then you’ll know how it eats up all your time. Online shopping is the same, except you can do it from the comfort of your house and without tiring your body. 

Some people find it embarrassing to leave a shop without buying anything and are not a fan of window shopping, but technology has made everything easy for them. You can download shopping apps and browse them for hours without buying anything, and no one will look at you snidely. 

Moreover, online shopping allows you to browse all kinds of things in one place without going anywhere. Looking for art supplies? Just type in the search bar, and you’ll have plenty of options to choose your best pick. 

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